The travel planning and booking site TripAdvisor has recently revealed the least expensive times to book hotels in popular destinations around the globe between June and August, which is one of the findings of its “Best Time to Book” report.

Best Time to Book Hotels between June to August in Nine (9) World Regions

  • Best value for Asia hotels when booked within 3 months – Travellers can save 23% versus peak pricing by booking a hotel within three months of the trip. Asia prices rise slightly 3-5 weeks ahead, before seeing the lowest prices within the final two weeks before the travel date.
  • South Pacific savings unlocked when booked within 5 months– Travellers can save 19% or more per night by booking within 5 months of their travel date.
  • Plan for longer lead times when booking hotels in Europe – Travellers looking to visit Europe should plan to book their hotel rooms 3-5 months ahead to save 23% versus the peak booking period for the region.
  • Within 4 months is best for Middle East – For those planning a Middle East trip, the optimal booking period is within 4 months when travellers can get 24% savings. Prices increase slightly between weeks 3-4 before dropping again for last minute deals within a couple weeks of the travel date.
  • U.S. hotel rates consistent but travellers can save by booking within 2 months – U.S. hotel pricing remains fairly steady throughout the year, but those booking within 2 months of their trip can save 7% on their hotel.
  • Within 4 months is best for the Caribbean – Booking within 4 months ahead is the sweet spot for Caribbean hotels when travellers can save 7% compared to the peak pricing periods.
  • Modest savings in Central America within 3 months – Booking a hotel within 3 months of a trip is the most cost-effective approach for Central America, when travellers can save 7% compared to peak periods.
  • Within 4 months is ideal for South America – Travellers heading to South America can find 20% savings by booking within 4 months of the trip. For those willing to wait, they can save 2-4% by booking within the last few weeks before the travel date.
  • Wide booking window for African hotels – Travellers booking a hotel in Africa can save 21% when booking within 5 months of the trip. Hotel rates rise slightly between 3-5 weeks ahead, before dropping during the last two weeks before the travel date.

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