Enter a Whimsical World of Gingerbread Delights at Suria KLCC’s Christmas Village!

Step into a land of sweet smells, playful surprises, and pure festive cheer at Suria KLCC’s enchanting “Gingerbread Christmas Village.” This magical celebration, running from November 24th to January 1st, transforms the iconic mall into a wonderland of delectable gingerbread houses, towering chocolate fountains, and dancing clock towers.

Feast your eyes on whimsical buildings adorned with candy-colored decorations, and let the aroma of gingerbread fill your senses. Witness the awe-inspiring Gingerbread Clock Tower come alive as a gingerbread man twirls to festive tunes each hour. Explore the Gingerbread Toyshop, brimming with delightful gifts, and capture memories at the festive photo booth.

But the magic doesn’t stop there! Send a heartfelt Christmas postcard from the Gingerbread Post Office, and share the joy with loved ones. Your purchase of the Suria Ribbon Pin, not only grants you these special postcards, but also contributes to supporting mental health initiatives. Suria KLCC’s commitment to spreading joy extends even further with a RM3,000 donation to the Dignity for Children Foundation.

Unleash your inner child with the Gingerbread Man Personality Quiz, revealing your unique persona and earning you a limited-edition Gingerbread Man pin. Weekends and Christmas Day promise even more excitement with special appearances by Santa Claus and Ms. Claus! And don’t miss the Gingerbread Bakery & Candy Shop, where you can decorate delicious Christmas cookies to take home.

No trip to Suria KLCC’s Christmas celebration is complete without marveling at the dazzling sight of Malaysia’s tallest Christmas tree at Esplanade KLCC. Bathed in festive hues and adorned with charming Gingerbread-themed ornaments, this towering beauty creates a picture-perfect backdrop for your holiday memories.

Spread the holiday cheer and be rewarded! Spend RM1,500 and above in two receipts to receive a RM100 Suria KLCC Shopping e-Voucher.

This holiday season, let Suria KLCC transport you to a world of sweet delights and festive magic. Immerse yourself in the Gingerbread Christmas Village, share the joy with loved ones, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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