Ayam Brand Empowers Children with #AyamBersamaMu Campaign

Ayam Brand, the trusted household name for healthy canned food, is tackling a critical issue facing Malaysian children: the double burden of malnutrition and rising myopia. Through their 16th annual Community Care Campaign, #AyamBersamaMu, they’re empowering over 1,000 children across 25 homes with a two-month supply of nutritious meals, eye health checks, and even prescription glasses for those in need.

Up to 5.6 million school children in Malaysia face the double burden of malnutrition, meaning they are both undernourished and at risk of obesity. To address this, Ayam Brand™ is providing 35,028 healthy meals packed with protein, calcium, and Omega-3 through their high-quality products. This is further supported by nutrition workshops led by KPJ Healthcare Group, educating children on the 3S Malaysian Healthy Plate concept.

Vision problems are on the rise among Malaysian children, with myopia prevalence spiking from 9.8% at age seven to 34.4% by age 15. Ayam Brand is partnering with Focus Point Vision Care to offer free eye health screenings and prescription glasses to children who need them. This proactive approach ensures their vision health is not neglected, leading to a brighter future.

“The risk of double malnutrition and myopia requires action from all parties,” says Ms Teoh Wei Ling, Ayam Brand Marketing Manager. “Beyond providing healthy meals, we believe educating children on healthier choices is key.” The #AyamBersamaMu campaign goes beyond immediate solutions, empowering children to make informed dietary choices for long-term well-being.

Since its inception, the Ayam Brand Community Care campaign has contributed over 2.1 million healthy meals to 27,293 individuals across 610 charity homes. This year, the campaign continues its legacy by focusing on children’s health and empowering them to make positive choices for a brighter future.

Learn more about the #AyamBersamaMu campaign and how you can contribute at ayambrand.com.my or facebook.com/ayambrandmalaysia. Together, we can build a healthier generation for all.

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