Tiffany & Co.’s 2023 Holiday Campaign Sparkles with Delight

Step into a season of magic with Tiffany & Co.’s 2023 holiday campaign, a captivating narrative woven with threads of wonder, chance, and pure joy. House Ambassador Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and China Brand Ambassador Elaine Zhong grace the campaign, radiating the sparkling anticipation that defines the festive spirit.

Set against the backdrop of Tiffany & Co.’s birthplace, New York City, the campaign unfolds in a series of intimate vignettes captured by renowned photographer Alasdair McLellan. A luxurious Manhattan townhouse transforms into a canvas for magic, where each sparkling Tiffany design becomes a symbol of precious moments and joyous gatherings.

Huntington-Whiteley embodies the season’s breathtaking enchantment as she dons the iconic Jean Schlumberger by Tiffany & Co.™ Bird on a Rock morganite suite. Bathed in the glittering lights of the city, she becomes a living testament to this 21st-century masterpiece, a jewel as coveted today as it was when first introduced over 50 years ago.

Meanwhile, Zhong captures the essence of unwavering bonds with her playful expressions of the iconic LOCK collection. Each click and clasp symbolises the unbreakable connections we cherish during the holidays and beyond.

This holiday season, unwrap the magic with Tiffany & Co. Embrace the spirit of surprise, let wonder dance in your eyes, and discover the perfect token of love for your cherished ones!

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