#PamperWithKye: Did The 3CE Treatment Hair Tint Work On My Hair?

Recently, I stumbled onto the 3CE Treatment Hair Tint while browsing around Shopee and since I’m one of those who does not have fully bleached hair, I was curious to see how it will turn out on my dark hair which has some subtle highlights on certain areas. And I was hoping to start the new year with a new hair colour so since it’s said that this treatment will last for 7 days, I thought why not give it a go!

I choose the shade ‘#Baby Pink’ which is one of the lightest shades available to see how it fares on my hair. And since the instructions behind were all in Korean, I had to Google for the translation and it turns out to be pretty easy to use.

How to use the 3CE Treatment Hair Tint: 

  1. Shampoo and towel-dry your hair.
  2. Apply the treatment on your hair and leave it on for 5 – 20 minutes.
  3. Wash it off with lukewarm water.

I had hopes that my highlights will turn pink but watch the video review to see the results.


The colour did not turn up obviously on my hair, only a slight tint and my hair seemed a touch brighter as well. Maybe I need to use more than 1 tube since I only used 1 tube for my whole head, or I should have kept it on for 20 minutes instead of 15 minutes. As it was a treatment, my hair did turn out softer but the frizziness is still there.

I did notice as I shampoo my hair after dying it that my shampoo foam was pink and under the sunlight that was a pink tint.

But if you have bleached hair, the colour would turn out much better. Not going to recommend this shade for dark hair. I wonder how my hair will turn out with the other shades in the range, guess I’ll have to find out once the hair dye fades out.

You can find the 3CE Treatment Hair Tint (RM41.90 each) on Shopee.com.my.

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