[Video] #PamperWithKye: I Tried Makeup With Food, Inspired By Ms Yeah

Ever wondered how does one do or create their makeup at last minute when you don’t have any makeup product with you at all? Well, I took up that challenge after being inspired by the very famous office DIY star, Ms Yeah.

I was called for a meeting with the big boss last minute and because I left all of my makeup at home, I had to improvise and make my own with anything that I can find in the office. It turns out that cocoa powder was my best friend in this emergency.

The ingredients which I have used to create the whole look are cocoa powder, rice flour, Skittles, and marshmallows. First, I used the marshmallow as a powder puff and dipped a little into the rice flour to blot my face. Then, I lightened the cocoa powder with some rice flour and use that to contour my face.

Makeup With Food Inspired by Ms Yeah-02-Pamper.My

I used the same mix as an eyeshadow too. As for my eyebrows, I folded a small note until it has a kind of sharp end and dipped it in cocoa powder before brushing it on my brows. Once my brows look decent, I added a bit of water to the cocoa powder until it becomes a little thick and used the same paper tool to draw eyeliner on my eyelids with the cocoa liquid.

For my lips, I created the lip tint/blush by stripping the colours off of 3 pieces of Skittles sweet with a bit of water then adding a bit of rice flour to thicken it a bit so it applies easier on the skin.

Makeup With Food Inspired by Ms Yeah-03-Pamper.My

Since I was without accessories as well, I just grabbed the nearest ribbon I could find and use that as a choker.

Though in the end, I totally misunderstood the situation that it wasn’t me that was supposed to meet the big boss (this is what happens when someone else has a similar name with yours), it was a very enlightening experience to DIY my own makeup.

Makeup With Food Inspired by Ms Yeah-04-Pamper.My

Thank you, Ms Yeah for inspiring me to play with food to create this makeup look. See the master at her work here.

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