#PamperMyBeauty 2018: Special Feature Foreword

As we approach our 3rd anniversary, we are delighted to launch a special beauty feature #PamperMyBeauty 2018, starting from today for the next three weeks, which will be covering a comprehensive range of makeup and skincare trends, tips, tricks and how-to guides for three different beauty scenes – Korea Beauty (K-Beauty), Japanese Beauty (J-Beauty) and Western Beauty (W-Beauty)!

To kick off the #PamperMyBeauty 2018 Special Feature, we will share with you the renowned K-Beauty 10-Step skin care routine that will help you achieve glowing skin, the fantastic K-Beauty hacks that you may not have heard of before, as well as the beauty tips of Korean celebrities and Korea’s most influential and inspiring beauty YouTubers to watch!

We will continue with J-Beauty for the following week where we will reveal the J-Beauty secrets that date back centuries, the latest J-Beauty trends and the beauty tips of Japanese celebrities.

In the final week, we will look into W-Beauty scene which covers all western countries. Besides tips and trends of W-Beauty, we will also be sharing some insight on the differences between American and French beauty.

Don’t miss our Editors’ Picks for makeup and skincare to find out what are our editorial team’s favorite beauty products. If you want to know what type of makeup would look best on you, then you have to check out our makeup videos that will show you step-by-step how to create different makeup looks in just a few minutes!

To add a little extra excitement, we will be doing giveaways in conjunction with this #PamperMyBeauty 2018 Special Feature! Lucky readers will have a chance to win attractive beauty prizes by taking part in the giveaway contests that will take place on our Facebook and Instagram platforms. Stay tuned!

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