Hailing from its global success, Shinmapo Korean BBQ is one of the top Korean barbecue chains in South Korea. Having over 500 outlets worldwide and across 11 countries, Shinmapo recently decded to open its doors to Malaysia. For their first outlet, the company have chosen to open at SS15 Courtyard and soon the company will open an outlet at The Gardens Mall and Empire Damansara.

Shinmapo is located at the same row as Naughty Nuri, the signboard is striking with bright colours. Even if you are not in Courtyard, you can still see bright the signage outside of the mall.


So, what’s so special about Shinmapo? Simple, the restaurant serves Galmaegisal. Also known as pork skirt meat, Galmaegisal is a rare and premium meat that’s found only between the ribs and the belly of a pig. Each cut forms about 200 to 250g of long and flavourful pork meat.

Shinmapo’s Ultimate Set

Shinmapo’s Ultimate Set is suitable for 2 – 4 people, which comes with: Galmaegisal (200g), Pork Belly (200g), Marinated Pork Collar(200g), Marinated Pork Skin, Military Stew and Kimchi Egg Crust. Every pork meat we had was tasty and filled with uniquely amazing flavours. Like most Korean restaurant, the BBQ set was served with refillable side dishes (Banchan).

We were then served Military Stew, which was clearly the spiciest food on the table. The stew consists of kimchi, luncheon meat, sausages and other simple vegetables.  It has a strong spicy flavor, although the soup looks pretty diluted.


Shinmapo also serve two forms of rice – Korean Sushi rice ball (Fist Rice) and Volcano Fried Rice. Although both rice dishes tasted unique and flavourful, however you should pass these dishes if your belly is already fulfilled.

Fist rice

14012615_1255565531121352_1526799431_oIn a nutshell, Shinmapo is definitely a must-try restaurant if you are someone who loves Korean BBQ.

Price: Shinmapo’s Ultimate Set (RM 128), Volcano Fried Rice (RM 25), Fist Rice (RM 22)

Address: 07 Ground Floor SS15 COURTYARD Jalan SS15/4G, 47500 Subang Jaya
Phone: 03 8601 3722
Hours: 11.30am–3pm, 6pm–11.30pm

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