With Chinese New Year is just around the corner, we believe you have seen a lot of markets and cafes selling Chinese New Year decorations and foods. The best part of Chinese New Year is, no doubt, the cookies, and snacks! From mini shrimp rolls, dragon cookies, traditional glutinous rice cake (Nian Gao) to almond cookies, we can’t wait to enjoy all of it! If you are planning to buy for your friends or families, this is where to buy Chinese New Year cookies!

  1. Tray Cafe

Located on the hidden street of Sri Hartamas, Tray Cafe has been around for few years. It has been shortlisted in most top cafes picks around Klang Valley too. They are seeling a wide range of CNY cookies which include Choc Chip, Mandarin Almond Snap, Classic Butter and many more. There are vegan cookies too! Our choice will be Ground Hazelnut Vegan cookies!

2. Jaslyn Cakes

Apart from the ordinary Chinese New Year cookies, why not buy some healthy version of snacks for your friends and family? Buy some granola for your family who would like to eat healthy snacks!

3. Tedboy Bakery


This is another bakery where we will think of when we feel like buying cookies or cakes! Not forget to mention, their Biscotti is really good, perfect to pair with a cup of coffee or Chinese tea!

4. Tupperware

Do you know that Tupperware is coming out with the Tupperware and CNY cookies set? If you purchase the CNY Giftbox set, there are Vegetarian Almond Cookies and Golden Crunch Nutty Cookies and the airtight Tupperware so that you can save some hassle!

5. Lush Bowl

Well, we know this place is the tropical heaven for everyone! The gorgeous bowl of smoothie and healthy food is just so tempting. However, we are eyeing on their Wanton Chips that is selling in the counter. Get yours now.

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