Taiwan is a small island nation with modern cities, bustling streets, fantastic view, traditional Chinese temples, hot springs resorts just to name a few. It has been one of the favourite destinations for non-Muslims among Malaysians, particularly the Chinese community. Muslims may have been deterred from visiting Taiwan in the past, viewing the country as not so Muslim-friendly.


Recently, Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA) president Dato Hamzah Rahmat said Taiwan is now ready for Muslim travellers from Malaysia. Here is why:

  • The necessary facilities is available

For the convenience of Muslim travellers, the necessary facilities such as prayer rooms in public places were now easily available in Taiwan. So, Muslim travellers do not have to worry the needs of these things.

  • Halal food available in Taiwan

If food is one of the concerns for Muslim travellers, now you don’t have to worry about it as there are at least 93 hotels and restaurants in Taiwan have halal certification.


  • A Taste Of Chinese Culture

There are some Taiwan delicacies that Muslim travellers can try, for example, Taiwan’s tea eggs and red bean shaved ice. Apart from the food, Taiwan is famous for the natural landscapes such as Sun Moon Lake and the Taroko and Kenting National Parks. You will be amazed by the rich Chinese culture in Taiwan.


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