Looking for a meaningful relationship? This App helps you find the right match

With the advancement of technology and rapid growing of how technology intertwines with personal lives, this also affects to the change behavior of the needs and wants of a human including looking for a partner that match their ideal one.

There are many dating sites or social networking to consider but there is one that is obviously giving dating a unique ball game of looking for that other half. OkCupid has been establish in the market for a while and with its unique proposition of match making you not through the physical attraction but merely through the common interests between two persons who are looking for a meaningful relationship.

What makes OkCupid a great matchmaking app for meaningful relationships?

Upon registering, you are required to answer a few questions which will determine your personality and through that OkCupid will then make your profile available to a group of people of similar interests. As the saying goes, it takes two to tango – in this case a conversation can easily spark with one common interest between two persons. May it be in the interest of having pets, caring for the environment, or appreciating performing arts.

OkCupid’s matching questions cover a wide range of topics including religion, politics, lifestyle, relationship and many more.

By taking compatibility account into factor, it would have made OkCupid to be a reasonable choice for those who are looking for someone of more than just to meet the eyes. Building your profile into a compatibility match will require one to answer a multiple set of questionnaires, and this makes the setting up your account even more interesting. The more you are honest about answering these the more you will be able to welcome honest match that you yearn for.

Image source: OkCupid Facebook

As you have completed your profile, and so the game begins for dating on OkCupid! Rest assured that you have answered what you wanted to share and that you are to expect to see similar profiles of the same interests. And now, profiles appearing to you would mean you either need to swipe to the left and right (like how other dating apps are) becomes the usual, but remember that messaging to the other only happens if both profiles match.


Despite being a free dating site, members can upgrade their profile to access some premium features. There is no harm of investing a little bit especially when what you genuinely seek is a compatible match for a long term.

The verdict to OkCupid is that chances are high you will be matched with someone who already has similar interests with you. The conversation is expectation to flow even more fluid because basically all is there to say is exactly what you are thinking, except that now you may possibly find another half.

As far as the online dating goes, using OkCupid does not warranty for marriage but it gives dating the better sentiment as it allows you to genuinely have a good experience for a lasting connection with the other half.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s download the OkCupid app now from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and start looking for your right match for a meaningful relationship!

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