#CNY2022: Suria KLCC Welcomes The Year of The Tiger in Grand Imperial Fashion

Photo by Andy Kho

Suria KLCC will be welcoming Chinese New Year by turning its premises into a royal palace setting from 7 January to 13 February. Inspired by the beautiful garden landscapes, the Centre Court is transformed into an ancient Chinese Palace. This grand imperial feel will extend all the way to Level 1 of Ramlee Mall and major entrances, which will be fittingly decorated to provide strategic photo opportunities.

The palace at Centre Court is set within a glorious period of Chinese history known for progress, innovation and widely celebrated as the golden age of cultural advancements. The ancient Chinese palace has been diligently recreated with great attention paid to the finest details, including the placement of stone-carved imperial guardian lions, garden pavilions in traditional Chinese architecture, the lotus pond, beautiful hanging red lanterns, the iconic pink cherry blossoms, as well as the intricate landscaping to provide a stunning backdrop for photos and videos.

Rest assured, a stroll through this ancient palace ground will be enough to bring everyone into the festive mood. On top of this, all the highly Instagram-able corners in the mall are complemented by a photobooth with photo print-out for shoppers to bring home their Suria KLCC festive memories with their loved ones.

Elsewhere, by standing near some interactive exhibits, shoppers will trigger light shows that will delight the senses, especially from the interactive motion sensor projections. When triggered, the projectors will display visual of flowers inside the Palace at the Centre Court to herald the arrival of Spring in the northern hemisphere.

Just outside of the mall, at the Esplanade KLCC, Malaysia’s tallest pagoda replica, standing at 70-ft tall, will be back, after being last seen in 2020, when it entered the Malaysia Book of Records as the tallest pagoda replica. Shoppers and visitors can snap pictures with this majestic structure until 13 February.

To enliven the mood further, shoppers can also enjoy the traditional Lion Dance at Centre Court and Acrobatic Lion Dance at the Esplanade KLCC every Saturday from now until January 30.

For those who engage in retail therapy, Suria KLCC’s Shoppers Reward Programme will focus on gifting of RM100 Suria KLCC shopping vouchers and a set of Suria KLCC Red “Angpow” Packets who spend at least RM1,500. Those who spend a minimum of RM3,000 will be rewarded with an EP YAYING Scarf worth RM999 apiece, along with EP YAYING cash vouchers worth RM168.

During the celebrations, Suria KLCC will continue its act of corporate social responsibility by continuing to financially support the Mental Health Awareness programme through funds generated from the ongoing ribbon pin sales that began in 2021. Shoppers are encouraged to support the cause by purchasing the pin at RM10 per piece, available at Suria KLCC’s Concierge. All proceeds will be channelled to the NGO championing mental health wellness.

For more details, visit www.suriaklcc.com.my or follow its Facebook page at www.facebook.com/SuriaKLCCMall.

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