Nurish Organiq Teen Provides 100% Natural Acne Solution for Teens

Nurish Organiq Teen is a range of 100% Halal certified skincare products that are designed as an acne solution for teens. The products are formulated with 100% natural anti-acne agents, which are infused with Tea Tree Oil, Salicylic Acid and Bio-X15 to effectively reduce pimples and blemishes, while thoroughly purified the skin, thus reveal a clear, brighter and smooth complexion.

Bio-X15 is a potent botanical blend of 15 natural ingredients to reduce pimples, minimize pores, reduce skin dullness, help brighten, soothe and moisturize skin. To top it all, Organic Bilberry Extract is among the healthiest fruit in the formula for natural brightening to reduce pigmentation caused by acne scars.

Nurish Organiq Teen skincare range comes in 5 SKUs with all products dermatologically tested. Nurish Organiq Blackhead Remover and Nurish Organiq Anti Acne Gel are the two star products of the range which help soften clogged pores and reduce pimple size.

Step 1:
Nurish Organiq Blackhead Remover

  • Exfoliate blackheads, whitehead and dead skin cells
  • Soften the clogging block pores
  • Minimize the occurrence of pimples.

Step 2:
Nurish Organiq Teen Anti Acne Foamy Cleanser

  • Help to reduce excessive oil and fight pimples
  • Effectively cleanses to reduce black heads, pimples and skin blemishes.

Step 3:
Nurish Organiq Teen Anti Acne Face Toner 

  • Help to control excessive oil and fight pimples.
  • Smoothens & refines pores.
  • Enhances skin absorption of nutrients for subsequent skincare products.

Step 4:
Nurish Organiq Teen Anti Acne Gel 

  • Help to reduce excessive oil and fight pimples with 1st application.
  • To soothe and reduce skin sensitivity and pimple size.
  • Unclog pores.
  • Lighten pimple scars.

Step 5:
Nurish Organiq Teen Anti Acne Day & Night Moisturizer 

  • Help to control excessive oil and fight pimples.
  • To moisturize skin & strengthen skin’s moisture barrier.
  • Minimize pores.

Nurish Organiq Teen has been dermatologically tested for its tolerance. The efficacy of the products has been proven and it is most suitable for those pimple prone and oily skin. Nurish Organiq skincare also formulated with breakthrough formula which excludes 7 potential harmful ingredients – artificial colouring, mineral oil, SD-alcohol, lanolin, sulfat, paraben and comedogenic ingredients for effective result.

Nurish Organiq Teen can be found at Aeon Wellness, Caring, Guardian, Watsons and selected independent pharmacies nationwide and online at Follow their Facebook page and Instagram account for more updates.

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