Why The K-Beauty Way To Treat Acne Is Simply Genius | With Axis-Y

The last time we talked about Axis-Y, their yummy-looking mugwort mask had become an overnight trend on TikTok. Today, another product of theirs is making a similar viral impact except … in the 😲 United States 😲

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In October 2021, American K-Beauty TikToker @Hkjennylee posted a video describing why K-Beauty pimple care is more effective than American pimple care. Featured in the video was Axis-Y’s Spot The Difference acne treatment.TikToker Jenny’s video popped over 1.1million likes, 4.5million views and 3,700 comments. And a hefty discussion about K-Beauty vs. American skincare. Oh, the tea… 🍵👀

As beauty reviewers, we get where Jenny (@Hkjennylee) is coming from. It’s not that American brands are ineffective, it’s just that K-Beauty emphasises more on holistic healing for long-term results.

The Korean approach, generally opts for gentler interventions. Hence, most Korean beauty brands prefer natural plant ingredients. Like Tea Tree extract, Green Tea Leaf extract, Camphor Leaf extract, and etc that contains antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to fight against acne and skin irritations.

In addition to that, Korean pimple care also remedies the drying side effects to create a better healing environment for the skin.

For instance, AXIS-Y’s Spot The Difference. This blemish treatment embodies that Korean holistic beauty approach. And it’s so EFFECTIVE, pimples diminish in just ONE DAY.

This is the reason why this 15ml vial is impressing America so much.

Here’s all the tea we’ve gathered all it… 🍵

Spot The Difference Blemish Treatment:
Hard on pimples, gentle on skin.

AXIS-Y Spot The Difference: Pimple Treatment That Makes A Difference

Spot The Difference really does make a difference.

Since its launch in September 2021, this vial of acne treatment has been positively received by international K-Beauty bloggers, Hollywood celebrities and everyday women who love its fast-acting and highly effective formula.

A wholly vegan, plant-derived gel, Spot The Difference treats pimples and acne in just a day. And globally users are RAVING about how much of a life-saver it is.

ONE drop treats pimples in just ONE day!

Spot The Difference is not just fast-acting but gentle too.

A degree of skin dryness is expected with acne treatment but Spot The Difference solves this with a phyto complex consisting of hollyhock flower and aloe vera extracts that return moisture to the skin.

The formula also uses natural extracts from Tea Tree, Green Tea Leaf, Camphor Leaf, Mentha Aquatica, Licorice Root and Broadleaf Bamboo.

  • Tea Tree extract is a gentler alternative to soothe skin and reduce irritation, dries out blemishes and breakouts. It has antibacterial effects against a broad range of bacteria, including the germs commonly associated with acne, as well as anti-inflammatory effects, which help reduce the size of pimples and prevent new ones from developing.
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract has excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help calm skin, control excess sebum, and prevent the skin from being clogged.
  • Camphor Leaf Extract possesses antibacterial and antifungal properties useful for treating skin’s inflammation and irritation, and improving the overall appearance of skin.
  • Mentha Aquatica Extract is a skin-conditioning agent that has strong antioxidant properties to revitalises irritated skin.
  • Licorice Root Extract is an antioxidant-rich component that controls the production of melanin (pigment) in the skin to combat skin discoloration and protect the skin against damage from sun.
  • Broadleaf Bamboo Extract has anti-inflammatory effect and also help moisturize the skin and strengthen skin barriers.

Thanks to these unique formulation, reviewers are saying they only need as little as 3-4 applications a week to greatly reduce severe acne… while boosting skin health.

On top of that, Spot The Difference also provides a benefit American pimple care sorely lacks: Healing support and protection.

Soothes acne with a healing layer that restores and protects.

With the presence of 6+1+1 plant ingredients and healing ceramides, AXIS-Y’s Spot The Difference promises a different kind of pimple treatment.

One that’s gentle, healing and supports the repair of the skin barrier.

Natural plant ingredients soothe inflamed skin. And Ceramide capsules protect it further from environmental aggressors.

What is Ceramides?

Ceramides are the major lipids that are found in the top most layer of the skin which plays an essential role in structuring and maintaining the water permeability barrier function to protect the skin and help lock in moisture.

Ceramides also plays a vital role in protecting our skin against environmental factors, changes of season, and other irritants. It builds a protective layer that plumps the skin and locks in moisture, and also support the skin’s cellular matrix, helping to keep it firm, smooth and youthful.

However, aging and sun damage reduce the effectiveness of the skin’s natural ceramides -and can eventually deplete them, which weakens the skin’s protective barrier. This results in drier, rougher skin.

AXIS-Y’s Spot The Difference is infused with hydrating Ceramide capsules that have the power to help replenish and restore the ceramides the skin loses with age or from UV damage. It helps reinforce the skin’s barrier while increasing hydration for a smoother, firmer-looking skin!

Lightweight, clear and alcohol-free, it’s also suitable for sensitive skin types

Spot The Difference doesn’t just curb breakouts but also supports acne-prone skin in a lot more ways to create a healthy, hydrated skin-vironment.

15 ml / 0.50 fl. Oz of #WorthIt

In conclusion…

When it comes to eradicating acne, you don’t need a POWERFUL formula. A gentle one can just be as effective and healthier for skin.

And naturally, when your pimple treatment cares for health of your skin and provides healing benefits, it results in healthier skin in the long-term — a skin-vestment worth every last cent!

Spot The Difference is priced at RM68 for a 15ml vial. You can get it directly at AXIS-Y’s official website.

While this pimple treatment is marketed for oily skin types, many reviewers agree that it works on ANY skin condition and is gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Can’t get enough of Spot The Difference?

Here’s more information you need to know about AXIS-Y Spot The Difference

A futuristic bottle that’s transparent and cute, fitted with a glass dropper to help you control the amount of treatment easily. 

Scent & Texture
Lightweight, clear gel with pink ceramide capsules. Alcohol-free & Unscented.

Skin Type
For acne-prone skin. Suitable for sensitive, normal, combination, oily or dry skin.

How To Use

  • Cleanse and tone the skin
  • Apply blemish treatment to the skin
  • Gently pat in and follow the rest of your routine

Spot The Difference is part of AXIS-Y‘s “6+1+1 series”, which uses a formula of 6 base ingredients, 1 core ingredient, and 1 effective technology.

6 Base Ingredients

  • Tea Tree Extract: Soothes skin, reduces irritation, dries out breakouts
  • Green Tea Leaf: Calms skin and controls sebum
  • Camphor Leaf: Antibacterial and Antifungal benefits
  • Mentha Aquatica: Revitalises irritated skin
  • Licorice Root: Antioxidants for protecting skin
  • Broadleaf Bamboo: Anti-inflammatory benefits

Core Ingredient

  • 4-Terpineol: Main active ingredient found in Tea Tree, has Antibacterial and Antioxidant properties to dry out breakouts and blemishes

Effective Technology

  • PHYTO-OLIGO 1%: A plant-derived phyto complex containing hollyhock flower and aloe vera extracts. It’s non-irritating, moisturising and very suitable for sensitive skin.

Here’s What Women Are Saying About Axis-Y Spot The Difference

“AXIS-Y was one of the best discoveries of 2020 for me.”
K Beauty Hobbit, USA

“I’ve been using this product for the past few weeks and I can definitely see the results.”
 Oh My Stellar, Australia

“Perfect balance of gentle yet effective.”
 Sugar Peaches Loves, Germany

Other products from the AXIS-Y 6+1+1 range

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  3. Daily Purifying Treatment Toner: A daily exfoliating toner
  4. Artichoke Intensive Skin Barrier Ampoule: An artichoke ampoule that heals damaged, irritated skin barriers
  5. Dark Spot Correcting Glow Serum: A Niacinamide based serum that corrects dark spots and brightens skin
  6. Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen: A Mugwort sunscreen that protects and heals skin at the same time
  7. AXIS-Y Cera-Heart My Type Duo Cream: A “U Zone” and “T Zone” cream that customises itself to your skin
  8. Sunday Morning Refreshing Cleansing Foam: A gentle foam cleanser suitable for everyday use

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