KLFW 2018: Min Luna x FashionValet, Nerdunit & Tarik Jeans

Now that Malaysia’s hottest fashion event is over, let’s take a look at the hits and misses of KLFW 2018.

Min Luna x FashionValet


Heck yeah to inclusivity and diversity! Min Luna x FashionValet killed the first show with an eclectic mix of real people strutting down the runway. For the first time in KLFW history, a plus size model, Nalisa Amin, walked the runway and Min Luna didn’t stop there. She included Sonya Charles who has vitiligo (a skin condition in which the skin loses its pigment and color in patches), celebrity hijab stylist Didiyana Ehsan and a vogue aunty in the model lineup.

Breaking stereotypes with a collection that embraces every body and curves, Min Luna is a testament that women are “Not Fragile” no matter what size they are and she’s done just that through designs that’s made to flatter every body and everybody. Jumpsuits are only for the tall? Curvy girls can’t wear loose dresses? Pffft. Min Luna made it happen.



There’s a reason why Nerdunit is able to create buzz all the way till Japan and opened a store there. The streetwear brand is giving the youth what they want – cool, rebellious tings that speak when you hit the streets just like international names in the same game such as Off-White and Supreme. Graphic bombers, reflective co-ords and tartan pants took centre stage at Nerdunit’s “Mindf*cked Generation” show, featuring looks styled with ninja-like head mask and crossbody bags (also, peep the iridescent fanny pack!) that we can already see will sell like hotcakes.

Tarik Jeans


Rock ‘n’ roll resort wear? Tarik Jeans showed that the seemingly impossible is possible through its Resort 2019 Monsoon Collection shown at this year’s KLFW. The poster child of Nusantara fashion and Malaya’s favourite denim brand lived up to its don’t-give-a-fuck attitude that have always been at the core of the brand’s DNA by showcasing the different characters of Tarik Resort: the stylish island boy clad in straight fit jeans with red leather patches, the hotel manageress who looks every bit the “Ayu” (which coincidentally is the name of Tarik Jeans’ womenswear line) despite the modern stonewashed denim shirt and tailored pleated denim skirt combo, the flower shop owner who’s all for tropical zest of the Hawaiian shirt, the posh lady in two-toned halter-neck top with a towel wrapped around her head who clearly gives zero fucks about her haters; and not forgetting the commissioned artist decked out in a Pollock-ed overalls layered with a slouchy blazer that’s emblazoned with mesmerizing Hibiscus graffiti art by Malaysian artist Katun at the back.

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