Carlo Rino Celebrates Tweety’s 80th Anniversary with an Understated Chic Collection

Carlo Rino teams up with Warner Brothers once again to present the Carlo Rino Tweety Collection in honour of Tweety’s 80th anniversary. Tweety, the popular cartoon character from the Looney Tunes franchises, takes centrestage in this quirky, understated collection that brings on the childhood nostalgia.

Subtlety and colour play is key in this minimalist collection. Carlo Rino puts a spin on the classic monogram by creating a special edition yellow on black Tweety monogram through the use of his iconic silhouette.

The Carlo Rino Tweety Collection features 16 items, including 4 bags, 4 wallets, 2 shoes, 3 timepieces, 1 bracelet, 1 keychain and 1 T-Shirt.


Available in four styles – the Tweety Bucket Bag (RM579), Tweety Backpack (RM619), Tweety Shoulder Bag (RM579) and Tweety Double Bag (RM639), these bags’ designs exude an understated elegance in a playful vibe. Carlo Rino uses the unmistakable Tweety silhouette and contrast of yellow on black nylon and leather to create a monogram that balances the fine line of bold and understated. The yellow accents are further complemented by the gold metallic hardware, adding a touch of elegance to the playful collection.


The collection offers a line of small leather goods that match the Tweety collection bag, including 2 Short Wallets, a Tweety Wristlet Crossbody and a quilted coin purse. The Tweety Wristlet Crossbody (RM359) and Tweety Short Wallet (RM299) feature the Tweety monogram, while Tweety Quilted Short Wallet (RM299) and Tweety Quilted Coin Purse (RM219) use stitching and tones of yellow on yellow to create a starking piece.


The collection introduces a pair of Tweety Sneakers (RM259) and Tweety Slippers (RM79). The sneakers combine white faux leather with yellow accents with a Tweety gold charm embellishing the sides to offer a sleek look; While the Tweety Slippers offer a relaxed style option featuring the Tweety monogram and expression on the inner sole of the shoe.


The collection also feature a line of accessories adorned with Tweety iconography including a keychain (RM79), bracelet (RM159) and timepieces (RM359) available in Black, Brown and Beige, that can effortlessly transform you from casual to elevated.


A crisp white shirt never goes out of style. This unisex design of white t-shirt (RM89) with the Looney Tunes logo on the front and the Tweety monogram at the back, making it the perfect look to match with your beau on weekend dates.

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