Restore Your Skin’S Youthfulness with Phytomer Pionnière XMF Line

Phytomer, a French company pioneering in spa-based marine skin care for 50 years, has revolutionised cosmetics with marine biotechnology and created a new generation of Pionnière XMF line that contains 100% natural, ultra-effective, eco-friendly ingredients: XMF Marine Sugar, Extra Marine Filler.

The new Phytomer Pionnière XMF line, consists of 5 products, including a cleansing cream, a serum, an eye fluid, a cream and a mask. Suitable for all skin types, these products are rich in marine active ingredients – which are vegan-friendly and contain no harmful ingredients to the skin or the environment – to plump, firm and smooth the skin while restoring the skin’s youthfulness.

The XMF creates an invisible biofilm that smooths wrinkles almost instantly, as well as acts at the heart of the skin by stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers. It tenses these fibers to recreate a denser and firmer skin support structure.

Pionnière XMF Rich Cleansing Cream (RM370/150ml)

This rich and lustrous mousse cleansing cream turns into a delicate foam on contact with water to remove makeup and gently cleanse the skin, leaving it supple and comfortable.

Pionnière XMF Radiance Retexturing Serum (RM1,100/30ml)

This serum is featured in a luxurious melting texture. With marine biotechnology concentrate, it offers the skin a new texture, restoring its original radiance.

Pionnière XMF Reset Eye Fluid (RM780/15ml)

A powerful eye care with two biotechnological activators combined in a light emulsion and accented with delicate pigments that blend into skin instantly to give your eyes new youth.

Pionnière XMF Youth & Glow Supreme Cream (RM1,350/50ml)

This sumptuous pink cream helps to smooth wrinkles and improve elasticity, reviving the complexion’s radiance for an instant healthy glow effect.

Pionnière XMF Exfoliating Mask-to-Oil (RM670/50ml)

This precious balm offers all the benefits of a smoothing mask, a gentle exfoliant and a comprehensive anti-aging treatment to reveal hydrated, smoother skin with a refined skin texture.

The Phytomer Pionnière XMF line of products are available online at the brand’s official website:, and in-store at its beauty salons nationwide. For more information, visit or follow the brand on Facebook @PHYTOMERMalaysia and Instagram @PHYTOMER_malaysia for more update.

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