1509 HPR Melissa_020Melissa kicked off their London Fashion Week in style with an exhibition at the London flagship Galeria featuring an exciting collaborative project with 21 London fashion designers, both established and emerging and all participating at the London Fashion Week. Each of the designers have created a customised Melissa design in their own signature style that were displayed in the concept store for 10 days from September 18 till 27, 2015.

A preview party had been hosted by Melissa x Rollacoaster Magazine on the opening night of London Fashion Week on September 17 to launch the exhibition. The exhibition featured the customised design Melissa shoes by the following 21 talented London fashion designers:

  1. Agi and Sam,
  2. Alex Mullens,
  3. Atsuko Kudo,
  4. Cassette Playa,
  5. Charles Jeffery,
  6. Clio Peppiatt,
  7. Craig Green,
  8. Ed Marler,
  9. Emilio de la Morena,
  10. James Long,
  11. Liam Hodges,
  12. Lou Dalton,
  13. Marta Jakubowski,
  14. Mary Benson,
  15. Matthew Miller,
  16. Osman Yousefzada,
  17. Peter Jensen,
  18. Piers Atkinson,
  19. PPQ,
  20. Ryan Lo, and
  21. Todd Lynn

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