Peak Releases The First 3D Printed Volleyball Shoes in the World

China sports brand Peak has made a breakthrough in the application of 3D printing technology. The world’s first 3D printed volleyball shoes made their appearance at this year’s China Volleyball League all-star game, where they were introduced by Peak Sport CEO Xu Zhihua with a member of the Olympic volleyball team, Ding Xia.

As is known to all, volleyball is a sport that requires upward momentum, whether it’s passing, saving and serving and spiking and so on. All these skills require athletes to complete through a large number of jumping movements again and again, and excellent cushioning performance is extremely important.

After speaking to men’s and women’s volleyball players, Peak took several pertinent data collections and combined their findings with knowledge of volleyball, such as athletes’ needs and skills required, to use 3D technology to build a brand new shoe. Through the use of SLS laser  technology and a more lightweight and flexible TPU powder printed on the bottom of the shoe, Peak created superior cushioning performance.

As one of the first brands in the world to apply 3D printing technology to sports shoes, Peak has introduced the most advanced 3D printing equipment since 2014 and launched 3D printing concept products. In May 2017, Peak launched China’s first 3D printed running shoe “FUTURE I” in the running field and sold it in limited quantities. In August 2017, Peak released the world’s first 3D printed basketball shoe, “DH III 3D Edition,” with NBA star Dwight Howard.

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