It’s official, bicycle seats will kill your sex life. If you’re someone who loves indoor cycling workouts, we have some bad news for you guys.

In a 2012 paper published in the Journal of Sex Medicine, research shows that bicycle seats aren’t exactly friendly to women’s sex organs.

Spending too much time on the exercise bike can put terrifyingly large amount of pressure on the perineum. This could possibly lead to loss of sex drive and many other complications. The study also states that bicycle seats are infamous for numbing your beautiful vagina, and if you’re a man, cycling for long period can cause erectile dysfunctions.


Another study by Harvard Health Publication also states that these sex killing bicycle seats may stop up to 66 percent of blood flow around your genitals. This will likely lead to unnecessary sexual complication issues which can potentially kill your sex life.

Added to that, women’s health researchers at Yale University School of Medicine discovered that women who rode bikes with handlebars positioned lower than the saddle experienced pressure on the soft tissue of the perineum and had decreased and had most impact when it comes to loss of sexual sensation.

Feeling afraid? Don’t be. Both studies confirmed that this problem only occurs on people who cycle a lot, like really a lot!

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