There are many physiological behaviours and signs which are said to indicate the body’s sexual desire. These signs are shown via a series of symptoms which experts believe are strong sexual urges.

The lack of sexual contact (both physically and emotionally) can affect your mind and most of the time you will not even realisze it. In general, human being go the extra mile for that sexual pleasure they desire, genetically this is because sexual gratification also plays an important role in health.


Most of the time due to lack of confidence, some people tend to neglect their strong sexual desire while others find it easy to express themselves sexually and don’t hesitate to live out their sexual fantasies to the fullest, when such opportunities arise of course.

In any case, after you reach a certain age and you are not satisfied with your past sexual experience, you tend to pick up certain habits and your lack of sexual satisfactions can easily be spotted with a few signs.

So, let’s have a look at these “signs” you should keep on the look.

1. Mild Insomnia


Having trouble falling asleep? If you are in your 30’s and still having this issue for no apparent reason, there is a high chance your body is lacking in some sexual activity. This is because having sex releases oxytocin which helps you to sleep. Besides that, cuddling can also help remove all stress and puts your mind into deep sleep mode.

2. Feeling grumpy and stress

Feeling down once in a while is actually pretty normal, especially when you are buried with work and consistently in stressful situations, after all life is all about the ups and downs.  But if you find yourself feeling hateful and angry all the time and feel a certain burden on your shoulders for no apparent reasons, chances are you’re actually sexually frustrated. Studies have proven that not having sex for a long period of time could give you mood swings, irritability and consistently gives your mind negative thoughts.

It is important to understand that having sex contributes to your happiness as a person and acceptance to yourself.

3. Sex occupies your mind


For more or less, everyone in the one have sexual fantasies. However, when this fantasy becomes way more frequent and you started to think about sex almost every time of the day, it is a clear sign that your body is eager for sex.

4. Your skin lost its glow

Who knew that having sex could actually affect the conditions of your skin?

Yes it is true, practicing sex can open up pores on your skin and release impurities which tend to stuck on the pores of the skin. The act of this actually removes tons of toxins from your skin and gives you that natural shine you deserve.

5. Anti-Social


Lack of sexual practices can get you mentally and physically isolated from your social life. This is due the decrease in endorphins flow in the brain which plays a vital role in you being a sociable person, mentally.

6. Feeling Physically Uncomfortable


Why? Lack of sex decreases the production of serotonin and endorphins, known as happy hormones which act as a natural painkiller.

However, the main reason is due to the fact that lack of sex decreases product of endorphin and serotonin which tend you get you feeling “fly” every day.

7. Insecurity

It is very likely that lack of sex tends to make some feel uncertain and self-doubt. In most cases, people who have sex the less tend to feel that they aren’t good enough for society and often feel unwanted. This can easily get people to fall under depression, anxiety and some cases suicide.

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