Unilever’s House of Beauty & Wellbeing: Science Edition Battles Skincare Misinformation and Myths

Unilever hosted the House of Beauty & Wellbeing: Science Edition, gathering world-leading dermatologists to combat misinformation and myths that have contributed to the spread of pseudoscience in the skincare and haircare industry, leading to confusion among consumers. The event, held at Capella Manors in Singapore in early July alongside the 25th World Congress of Dermatology, aimed to rectify this by presenting evidence-based information and promoting credible scientific knowledge, through its #DermFacts campaign.

The event showcased innovative products and cutting-edge technologies from four iconic brands under Unilever’s Beauty & Wellbeing division – Dove, Vaseline, Pond’s Skin Institute, and Clear. The showcased products and technologies effectively debunked several industry myths, addressing the issue of social media misinformation within the beauty sector. By dismantling these myths, the House of Beauty & Wellbeing initiative empowered both professionals and consumers to make informed decisions regarding skincare and haircare, fostering a more transparent and reliable beauty industry landscape.


Dove revolutionises haircare with Fiber Repair Actives, a patented technology that goes beyond the surface, repairing hair damage from within. This progressive nourishment strengthens hair wash after wash. Furthermore, its innovative Breakage Remedy with Bio-Cellular Complex Technology, a cellular-level formula reversing damage, providing 10x stronger, smoother, and more beautiful hair with 99% less breakage, as compared to non-conditioning shampoo.

Not stopping there, the Dove Beauty Bar challenges the notion that bar soaps strip essential nutrients. Its mild cleansing action replenishes skin with up to 100 natural ceramides. With over 60 years of trusted service, the Dove Beauty Bar and its 1/4 moisturising cream leave the face and body feeling soft, smooth, and radiant, elevating the ordinary soap experience to an extraordinary one.


Vaseline unveils an innovative GlutaGlow™ Technology that goes beyond traditional topical Glutathione application. This groundbreaking patented technology delivers three vital micro-amino acids to the skin, acting as precursors that trigger the skin’s natural Glutathione production from within.

As validated through lab testing, this groundbreaking formula delivers clinically proven radiance, 10X more potent than Vitamin C, offering dewy and glowing skin. It also delivers a remarkable 75% boost in skin radiance and a 30% reduction in dark spots in just one week.


Pond’s new Bright Miracle Serum with NIASORCINOL™ defies conventional beliefs with its potent blend of Niacinamide and E-Resorcinol that targets both visible blemishes and underlying spots. Based on a Unilever clinical study, the serum boosts the power of 50x NIASORCINOL™ for ultimate skin clarity in just 3 days, reducing spots by 30%, dullness by 24%, and pores by 39%.

On the other hand, Pond’s redefines anti-aging solutions with a next-generation Hexyl-Retinol™ formula. Featuring a breakthrough blend of Hexyl-Resorcinol, Retinol-C, and Niacinamide, this ground-breaking ingredient is clinically proven to diminish wrinkles by 58%, enhance elasticity by 30%, and minimise spots by 36%, based on Unilever’s clinical study.


CLEAR, the leading scalp expert brand, delivers superior scalp health benefits, is now extending beyond mere anti-dandruff properties. Clinically designed and proven, its new Anti-Hair Fall range, empowered by Follilock™ technology, is effectively reducing hair fall from the scalp.

The brand’s new CLEAR Scalp-Pro for Men and Clear Scalpceuticals for Women shampoo combat hair fall, maintaining a healthy scalp environment within 30 days. Both ranges include an innovative serum with Dynoxidil™ technology, balancing proteolytic activity in the follicle to reduce excessive hair loss. The full range is clinically proven to reduce hair fall by >2,800 strands for women and >6,000 strands for men.

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