BROWHAUS, the international brow experts, and STRIP, the pioneers of waxing concept stores, have both recently opened in a single-store at Avenue K. You can get your wax treatments and your brows groomed all in one single store – how convenient! I’m all for efficiency and saving time when I can, so when the opportunity to try their services in their newest Avenue K outlet arose, I had to see for myself if it really lived up to the mark.


BROWHAUS has established over 16 international outlets in key cities such as New York, London, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Manila, Jakarta, Bangkok and has two outlets in Malaysia – The Curve and Avenue K.

Inspired by Bauhaus, the prestigious German architecture and design institute whose philosophy is to keep the functionality of a design but also adding a touch of style to it. BROWHAUS offers a comprehensive range of lash and brow grooming services. Customers can expect the highest technical skill from trained therapists, coupled with an advanced technique to give fashionable results.

STRIP is an equally global brand in over 9 cities including Singapore, London, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Manila and Jakarta. STRIP now has eight outlets in Malaysia – seven in the Klang Valley and one in Penang. Originating from Singapore under the prominent Spa Esprit Group, STRIP is a market leader in hair removal services such as waxing and IPL for all body parts, and are internationally renowned for their Brazilian and Boyzilian expertise. 

First impressions 

Browhaus and Strip Avenue KAs you first walk into the store at Lot L1-1A, First Floor, in Avenue K, you’re greeted by a row of front desk staff who welcome you into the store. One half of the reception counter is BROWHAUS and the other half is STRIP. If it’s your first time to the store, you’ll have to fill out your details in two separate forms – one for each. While I think it would be better to have a central system and single form for customers, I do understand that may be difficult for administration purposes.

High wall barriers for privacy for BROWHAUS customers
High wall barriers for privacy for BROWHAUS customers

Upon first glance, everything around you is pink and you almost get a sense that you’ve walked into a parlour to be pampered and spoilt. Staff is incredibly friendly and helpful, already a great plus point for me.

Corridor of private rooms for STRIP customers
Corridor of private rooms for STRIP customers

The store is split into two different sections, on the left is a corridor of private treatment rooms for STRIP customers, and on the right are chairs for BROWHAUS customers with high walls on both sides which act as barriers between one customer and the next, so you do get some privacy.

My treatment for the day was Thread + Tweeze (RM50) at BROWHAUS and the half-leg (bottom) wax (RM52) from STRIP.

Why it’s great 


Browhaus Strip Avenue K

  • Consultation before treatment begins. If you’re a first-time customer, the therapist will spend a few minutes consulting you based on your existing brow shape, your brow thickness, and your preferences. I appreciated that my therapist had asked me first what my preferred thickness is and whether I wanted a high-arch, or a low-arch. Before treatment begins, you now have a good idea of what’s being done and you’re not left wondering how your brows might turn out. No surprises!
  • Trained therapists. Take comfort in knowing that therapists train at the Singapore BROWHAUS Training School for 4-8 weeks to make sure they are fully equipped with the BROWHAUS skills, including strict hygiene standards.

Getting my eyebrows on fleek

  • Pain-free and cleaner brows. Threading removes stray hair strands and very fine hairs by their follicles. There wasn’t any pain during the treatment, and I left with a much cleaner and natural looking brow line.
  • Defined brows. Because their treatment combines threading and tweezing, you get the best of both worlds. Tweezing helps to add definition by the targeted removal of stray hair strand by strand, which turns your once messy brows into a very precise shape.
  • Fast and efficient. It only took around 20 – 30 minutes for my treatment, I was in and out of that seat very quickly. Perfect for those lunch breaks from work, you’d still have time to grab a quick meal. The only time I had to do anything was when she needed a bit of help and I had to keep my skin stretched for her to thread, pretty basic stuff. Oh and the times you hold the mirror to see your brows before and after.
Thank you BROWHAUS!
Thank you BROWHAUS!


Browhaus strip avenue kDisclaimer: This was my first time having a wax treatment done, I have previously shaved or used hair removal cream. Results and experiences may vary.

  • Attentive therapist. I was fortunate to have a therapist who was patient enough to answer my questions. Being my first time, I have to admit I was a little nervous! Taking my mind off what was in store for me was key, so that meant asking questions which she was able to answer.
  • A slight sting, but quick. Being my first time, my therapist informed me that my hair is quite thick. Shaving also doesn’t help in that department, she warned me to expect some pain. And sure enough, it stung. I’m usually pretty quiet in my treatments, but I couldn’t resist the occasional “ooh aah” but because she was quick, it made a lot of difference. I didn’t have much time to really reel from the pain.
  • Shorter hairs don’t work with wax. If you’re a shaver like I am, you’ll notice that your hair doesn’t all grow at the same length. That’s because shaving can be uneven. That also means you’re left with little stubs from your shaving regrowth, and this my friends, cannot be removed when you do your wax. Be informed so that you know this when you go in for your treatment.
  • Smooth legs. I’ll admit during the treatment I wasn’t sure I’ll wax again, only because of the short strings I felt. But once I felt my legs to make sure no sticky wax was still on them, I’m converted into a waxer for life. No more shaving for me. The result was silky smooth legs! (Because your hair is ripped out from its follicles). Best part? It has been 4 days since my treatment and they are still so smooth and hair-free! (If I shaved, hair regrowth would have shown by now).
  • HSQ Mantra upheld. STRIP operates with Hygiene, Speed, and Quality. I vouch for that. Antiseptic was used to make sure area is clean and does not get any infections. She was super quick, my treatment only took 10-20 minutes, and I left a happy customer thanks to the efficient work of my therapist.

 Our verdict

Would I return? Yes. In practice, the concept works. Get your wax treatment and brows groomed all in one store and leave a happy, hair-free customer.

DSC_1886They have other treatments available at their store such as:

  • Brow Construction (Brow Classic Threading or Discriminate Tweezing)
  • Brow Resurrection (Semi Permanent Brow Embroidery)
  • Brow Tinting (Color Tweak)
  • Lash Curl Up (Lash Perming)
  • Lash in Bloom (Lash Extension)
  • Lashgraphy (Lash Tints)
  • Facial Hair Threading
  • Upper Lip Threading.
  • Brazilian/Boyzilian
  • Upper Body waxing
  • Hands & Feet
  • Face
  • Post Wax Care
  • IPL hair removal

DSC_1907They also have in-house products for sale such as:

  • Malin + Goetz Ingrown Hair Cream (prevention of nasty ingrown hair), RM98
  • Ice Cream (for calming of any skin discomfort), RM98
  • SCO Ace Cream (for brightening darkened skin), RM198
  • SCO Peace+ (to combat post-wax itch), RM168
  • Heavy Duty Bi-Liners, RM25
  • Brow Lead, RM35
  • Precision Eyeliner, RM35
  • HD Mascara, RM35

Opening hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon-Sun)

STRIP website:
Instagram @stripmalaysia
Call: 03-2161 2978/2979 (Avenue K Outlet)

BROWHAUS website:
Instagram @browhausmy
Call: 03-2161 1250 (Avenue K Outlet)