Acne. It’s the eternal fear that we all have. It comes to us silently, in the night, when we’re asleep and cannot notice it. And then when we wake up and look into the mirror, it rears its red, ugly, and postulated head. Unfortunately, however, what many people don’t realize it that we actually may be engaging in habits that promote acne on our skin.


Fortunately, however, there are ways to prevent acne:

1. Skin Care Products

Many people don’t realize, however, is that many of the ingredients used in skin care products (sunscreen, moisturizer, etc) can actually cause a build up of dead skin cells, which inevitably leads to acne.


2. Your Diet

Sugar can actually cause an increase in your acne levels. You can actually determine if you are prone to this or not: keep track of what you eat and see if you have breakouts of acne the following day.

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3. Sun Tanning

Sunrayscan cause dead cells, which further lead to acne. Try not to stay too long out in the sun. Just enough to reach your minimum Vitamin D levels but less to keep your skin feeling smooth.


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4. Cell Phones

Phones are actually really bacteria and dirt prone because we rarely ever wash our phones. This build up can get on your face, which results in acne breakout. Try regularly cleaning your phones with a wet wipe or moist paper towel.

5. Over Scrubbing of Face

Many people think that washing their face helps fight acne. And while this is true, because it removes harmful oils from your face, over washing of your face can cause skin cell inflammation and clogged pours. A recommend 2-3 times per week is a good number to maintain (try it once before each meal).


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6. Stress

When you’re under a lot of mental stress, it causes hormones to be released in your bloodstream. This can often affect your skin cells and make them age quicker, which leads to more acne. Find an effective and healthy de-stressor. It’s important for more than just your face.


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7. Your Pillowcase

Oils and dirt from your hair, carried over onto your pillowcase can get on your face and cause breakouts of acne. Regularly wash your pillowcase or have multiple ones to switch between.

8. Air Travel

When you travel frequently at high altitudes, it can rapidly dehydrate your skin. A good way to counter this is lightly moisturize your face before you take off and after you land.

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