If you frequently find yourself suffering from some ailment or rather like headaches or stomach problems, or often feel anxious, irritable or depressed, then stress is your likely culprit. Here are some pointers to help relieve physical and emotional tension.

Identify the Cause

thinking-908345_960_720Take time to think through the cause of your stress. Getting to the root of things will take the load off your shoulders and ease the problems.

Stay Calm and Positive

stay calm n positiveSomethings are simply beyond our control – that’s just life. What you can control though is how you choose to respond to your problems.

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Keep Healthy

yogaExercise, rest and eat well, and take up a soothing activity like yoga and meditation, which is known stress alleviator.

Make Time for Rest and Recuperation (R&R)

outingsAt times, the best cure is spending time with your loved ones, or enjoying a get-together with your buddies.

Seek Help

seek doc helpIf you have already tried some stress relief initiatives and still feel like you’re at the end of the road, seek professional help – it may actually save your life.

– Source: www.webmd.com
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