The increasing demands in modern living nowadays put enormous pressure on our mind and body. These stress can be harmful to our physical, emotion and well-being in the long run if we don’t overcome it correctly. We will show you five (5) simple yet effective relaxation techniques to combat these effects of stress and restore the balance between body and mind to enable a healthy and happy living.

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Here are the 5 Simple and Effective Relaxation Techniques:

1. Proper and Controlled Breathing

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Correct breathing is the important to calm mind and body when you are under stress. When you are in times of acute stress, taking a minute to slow down and control your breathing with deeper breath and a slower pulse will calm you instantly. The deeper the breath, the more body tissues can be oxygenated.

2. Alternate Nostril Breathing

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Blow your nose to clear nasal passages. Place your forefinger and second finger on your forehead, with thumb and third finger on either side of your nose. Close your right nostril, then inhale through your left. Close your left nostril, release and exhale through your right nostril. Continue to breath in and out through alternate nostrils. It helps you become aware of each breath, but please stop if you feel dizzy.

3. Release Muscle Tense

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Tight and cramped muscles restrict the body’s blood circulation and cause pain, fatigue and tension. To let go of muscles tension, first, lie on a mat on the floor or a firm bed with a pillow under your head for support, and remember to change to a comfort clothing and remove your shoes.

Tense the muscles in your right foot, hold for a few seconds then release. Tense and release the calf, then the tight muscles. Repeat with the left foot and leg.  Follow by hand and arm, tense and release the muscles in both parts, repeat with the left side. Do the same to the buttock and the stomach muscles. After that, lift your shoulders up to your ears, hold for a few seconds, then lower, repeat few times. Last, relax your face muscles by yawning, frown your nose and raise your eyebrows then let go.

4. Massage

head-650878_960_720Massage is one of the most reliable ways of relieving stress and relaxing painful muscles. There are numerous type of massages available in the market now, such as full body massage, neck and shoulder massage, reflexology and many more.

Self hand massage
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If you have no time to these massage session, you can self massage by shrugging your shoulder and push them back as far as possible, repeat few times. Put your hand at the top of your arm and knead the fresh firmly, moving slowly toward your neck, and press your fingers into the back of your neck and move the fingertips in a circular motion toward the base of the skull. You can also try self hand massage by massage the web between your thumb and forefinger using the opposite hand to press as close as possible to the point where the bones meet.

5. Meditation

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Meditation is an effective way of focusing your mind to bring about relaxation. There are various types of meditation but all focused on quietening the mind. The intention is to direct your concentration so that it is filled with peace and calm. There is no “right” way to meditate but in order to do so successfully there are a few basic requirements to follow, such as choose a quite place, do it with an empty stomach, sitting in a comfortable position, and focus on the mind to help you withdraw from your environment.

We hope that these simple guides help you to overcome the pressures of modern living, and maintain a healthy and vitality life.