#NewIn: innisfree x Mentos No-Sebum Mineral Powders (Limited Edition)

It’s fun and colourful at innisfree stores this May as it launched a limited edition No-Sebum Mineral Powders in six limited-edition designs which are inspired by Mentos candies, to celebrating the 14th anniversary of the No-Sebum Mineral Powder!

Not only the appealing packaging design that almost looks like Mentos candy box, these six designs of innisfree x Mentos No-Sebum Mineral Powders also carry their delightful fruity scents! You can choose your favourite scents from mint, peach, lemon, grape, cherry, and melon.

No-Sebum Mineral Powder contains naturally-derived minerals from Jeju Island as well as mint ingredients. It helps to soak up excess sebum and regulate the skin’s oil-water balance for a fresh-feeling and healthy complexion you can enjoy all day.

This innisfree x Mentos No-Sebum Mineral Powders (RM28/each) are only available for a limited period. With purchase of any two No-Sebum Mineral Powders (Mentos Edition) from May 1 to 31, you will receive a Candy Powder Puff Set (while stock lasts).

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