FOREO BEAR: A Small but Mighty Device for Face-lift

Beauty devices has become increasingly common among skincare enthusiasts these days, and they are getting ever-smarter and more intuitive. Various facial treatments offered at salons can be done at home with the help of beauty devices, which is why their demand are increasing.

When we think of buying a beauty device, one of the first brands that comes to our mind is no doubt FOREO, the Swedish skin-tech powerhouse. This savvy Swedish brand has taken the beauty scene by storm when it made its debut with the innovative LUNA facial cleansing device, which sold one every three minutes globally, as claimed by the brand.

Ever since then, the brand has become the leading revolution in beauty tech and created a series of groundbreaking smart gadgets that not only revolutionised the world of beauty, but also propelled the beauty-tech category itself.

The brand’s latest innovation, FOREO BEAR, is a smart facial toning device. Featuring a compact, palm-sized body, FOREO BEAR is small but mighty! It uses a combination of microcurrent and T-sonic pulsations to stimulate the muscles, collagen and elastin in the face – through a completely noninvasive, injection-free, and painless procedure – lifting the skin for a suppler and more contoured complexion. The stimulating microcurrents tone the skin, while the T-sonic pulsations relax the facial muscle tension points and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

FOREO’s conductive serum – Serum Serum Serum

This microcurrent device must be used with conductive gel/serum, and FOREO’s Serum Serum Serum is the best choice. Packed with a powerful combination of squalane and hyaluronic acid, this conductive serum allows the device to safely transfer microcurrents and to glide smoothly across the skin, leaving it supple and radiant.

You can rest assured on the safety aspect as FOREO BEAR is the only microcurrent device in the world that features Anti-Shock System – an integrated system that guarantees shock-free treatments for maximum safety and comfort. It uses ultra-smart sensors to scan and measure your skin’s resistance to electricity at a rate of 100x per second, and automatically adjusts the microcurrent to best suit your skin.

We recently got a chance to do an interview over email with FOREO’s Southeast Asia Trainer, Janty. Read what she has to say about FOREO BEAR:

1. What is it about FOREO BEAR that’s unique from the rest of the other brands?

BEAR devices are different from other at-home microcurrent devices in two very significant ways.

Firstly, BEAR devices are the only at-home devices that feature Anti-Shock System to eliminate any chance of the microcurrent shocking your skin, making them the safest microcurrent devices in the world. Besides safety, it is also very hygienic. Unlike other microcurrent devices, this product is fully waterproof. BEAR can be washed with soap under running water while similar products can only be wiped with cloth.

Secondly, BEAR offers a wider range of microcurrent intensities than any other at-home device, allowing you to experience a more personalised and effective treatment. The treatments also have guided usage through apps for those who wish to do treatments at the comfort of their home.

BEAR delivers current faster than its competitors’ devices, making the treatment quicker. On average, you will spend two minutes instead of thirty minutes. This makes a huge difference in terms of productivity and time saving.

2. What are the different features between FOREO BEAR vs BEAR Mini?

Both BEAR and BEAR mini delivers microcurrent to stimulate the face and neck, tightening and toning your skin for an improved appearance. BEAR mini is designed with a more targeted facial workout in mind and therefore has smaller spheres to get into the crevices of your face with three microcurrent intensities. BEAR on the other hand has much bigger spheres to cover a larger surface. BEAR also offers five microcurrent intensities, which are stronger than those offered by the mini version.

I would recommend choosing based on your skin needs or your skin goals.

General rule of thumb would be – if you have a strong anti-age concern or you have already developed visible lines then BEAR would be the product to consider. If you have small lines that are not deep then BEAR mini is perfectly fine. Mini version does not mean less effective but better optimised for such task.

3. How many times a week would you recommend to use the FOREO BEAR for the best results?

Microcurrent results are most visible when you use it consistently, over an extended period of time. I would recommend using the device for one minute every day for 1-2 months to see full results. After that, you can gradually scale back to 2-3 times per week to maintain it.

What I like about BEAR treatment is I can use it anytime I like. The fact that the full BEAR treatment takes only two minutes makes me more likely to complete the treatment.

I personally would usually do one treatment in the morning if I have an important event to attend as it would give me radiant and sculpted completion (no more puffiness!). Otherwise, I will use it at night if I need a self-care moment to relax and have that much-needed spa-like treatment at home.

4. Are there any side effects of microcurrent?

No. Scientifically proven many times. The microcurrent operates on a low-intensity direct current. It basically switches on your muscle activity multiple times thus improving facial tone, as well as increasing collagen production. It is like a workout for facial muscles.

We clinically tested our products and BEAR is proven to significantly improve skin firmness and elasticity in just one week. To be precise, 98% of results came back testifying the skin looks healthier, more plump and elastic. These results have clinically confirmed you can truly get the best possible results.

I understand that thinking about current going through your skin might sound dangerous, but there is no need to worry – early stages of this technology started 60 years ago and BEAR is an FDA approved product.

5. Is FOREO BEAR suitable for sensitive or acne-prone skins?

It actually 100% is. Microcurrent operates as a non-invasive technology and it in fact improves elasticity, collagen production and skin cell turnover. Although you might want to avoid the area when you have active acne or an open wound as you will irritate the skin. You may still be targeting the other focus area that you want to rejuvenate.


For first time use, you need to register and pair your FOREO BEAR with FOREO For You app, where you download from Apple Store or Google Play Store. Select your preferred microcurrent treatment in the app, and follow the instructions on the app as directed. You can refer to our previous article (click here) or tutorial videos on FOREO youtube channel on how to use the device.

FOREA BEAR retails at RM1,869 and comes with a two-year warranty. You can purchase the device and other FOREO products online at, Sephora.My and in-store at Sephora Malaysia. To find out more or to keep up-to-date with the brand, visit follow @foreo_my.

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