Achieve A Firmer V-Shaped Face With New FOREO BEAR

Swedish beauty-tech brand, FOREO once again introduces a new innovation of its silicone facial device with the launch of FOREO BEAR and BEAR mininew smart microcurrent facial toning devices that will assist in combating skin ageing concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin, as well as tightening the facial muscles for a v-shaped face.


Taking facial fitness to a whole new level, this facial toning device tightens and firms the skin for a youthful, contoured complexion using a combination of microcurrent and T-sonic pulsations technology. The stimulating microcurrents tone the skin, while FOREO’s signature T-sonic pulsations relax the facial muscle tension points, smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

FOREO BEAR tightens and firms the skin for a youthful, contoured complexion using a combination of microcurrent and T-sonic pulsations technology

The BEAR has stronger intensities of microcurrent, suitable for the whole face and targeted V-shaping, while the BEAR Mini aims for areas such as the under eyes, eyebrows, and smile lines.

BEAR will have a total of five routines available via the FOREO For You App on Android or Apple. The ‘Total Facial Knockout’ four minute routine which helps the cheekbones, forehead, neck and jawline is available now, with the other four coming soon. BEAR Mini will also boast five skin workouts with the first one, ‘Contour Cardio’ available now and the others coming soon.

Connect the FOREO BEAR to the FOREO For You App to get the ‘Total Facial Knockout’ treatment guide

It’s recommended to use BEAR with a conductive gel-based serum such as FOREO’s formulated SERUM SERUM SERUM (RM290), as the invigorating T-Sonic pulsations enhance the absorption of serum, which effectively and safely transfers microcurrents from the device to the skin. The serum helps you get the most out of your microcurrent treatment while gently massaging the face to boost the skin’s radiance.

Step by Step Guide to Use FOREO BEAR

  • STEP 1: Download the FOREO For You app on Android or Apple;
  • STEP 2: Connect the app via Bluetooth and press the universal button to unlock and register your BEAR device for first-time use;
  • STEP 3: Apply SERUM SERUM SERUM to your skin and massage until fully absorbed;
  • STEP 4: Select preferred routine and microcurrent intensity via the app or manually with the universal button, and glide BEAR across your skin.

FOREO BEAR is an ultra safe micro current device and the only microcurrent device in the world that features Anti-Shock System – an integrated system that guarantees shock-free treatments for maximum safety and comfort.

The BEAR comes in the classic FOREO fuschia colour whereas BEAR Mini is available in pearl pink and lavender.  The BEAR and BEAR mini are priced at RM1,380 and RM920 respectively and available now in store at Sephora and online at FOREO website.

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