Protect Your Loved Ones With Follow Me’s Antibacterial Range

Protect Your Loved Ones With Follow Me’s Antibacterial

Follow Me has just introduced its latest anti-bacterial range with a new antibacterial formula that kills 99.99% of harmful bacteria. This new range offers not only a unique showering experience but also provides extra protection for you and your loved ones!

Protect Your Loved Ones With Follow Me’s Antibacterial Range-Pamper.myThe Follow Me Antibacterial range includes a body wash, hand wash and a hand sanitiser.

Follow Me Antibacterial Body Wash, RM11.90 each (1000ml) comes with 3 different variants, which are Natural Fresh, Extra Cool.

Follow Me Antibacterial Hand Wash, RM6.50 each (450ml), on the other hand, is offered in 3 variants, which are Natural Care, Active Care and Family Care.

Follow Me Antibacterial Instant Hand Sanitizer, RM3.90 each (55ml) has 2 variants: Natural Fresh and Family Care.

Coupled with the powerful anti-bacterial formula is a refreshing scent that invigorates the body and mind to help you get going.

“Realising the importance of observing overall cleanliness and good personal hygiene in improving one’s quality of life, Follow Me aspires to deliver ever better personal hygiene and anti-bacterial solutions to ensure you and your loved ones are always protected,” said Jessky Hah, Product Manager for Follow Me.

A good personal hygiene practice is always the first line of defence against these unwanted bacteria, but, it is always tough to constantly maintain a good hygienic condition due to the disease-causing bacteria in our environment, “With the all new Follow Me Antibacterial range, one can keep his or her worry at bay as this specially formulated antibacterial range does not only provide an enjoyable showering experience, it also helps kill 99.99% harmful bacteria to prevent you and your loved ones from any unnecessary infections or illnesses” added Hah.

The Follow Me Antibacterial range is available at all leading retail stores nationwide.

For more information, visit Follow Me’s Facebook or

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