Reality star and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian West who launched her cream and powder contour in June set to add a new category under the KKW Beauty label. Hint: it’s something she has done it before.

That’s right, fragrance.

For a few months now, the 37-year-old beauty-mogul has been teasing the fans with the debut of her new fragrance.

On September 14, Kim posted a photo of velvety white gardenia flowers and also tagged @kkwfragrance. Since then, she has continued to post photos of roses and clear quartz that signify harmony and peace in crystal healing. These three photos has us thinking if it might be a clue about the scent of her new fragrance.

Gardenia has been an important ingredient in Kim’s fragrance portfolio since her first eponymous fragrance release back in 2010. She described her original scent as “Jasmine, gardenia, tuberose! It’s so me! Lol,” on Twitter that same year.

This isn’t the the mogul first foray into scent. Kim has had four existing fragrances, including Kim Kardashian by Kim Kardashian, True Reflections for Women, Gold by Kim Kardashian, and Fleur Fatale by Kim Kardashian.

For those who are searching for fall and winter scents, it won’t be too long as according to the KKW Fragrance website, the launch date is next month November 15. Here’s the first official images of the campaign.

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