In conjunction with this Halloween, Viu Malaysia will be showing a list of Asian horror shows from Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and even India for you to enjoy this Halloween.

Train to Busan


Seok-Woo (Gong Yoo) is a fund manager in Seoul separated from his wife and living with his daughter Soo-An (Kim Soo-Ahn). On the night before Soo-An’s birthday, she insists on seeing her mother. Seok-Woo has no other choice but to take her to Busan. Early the next morning, they board the KTX train to Busan from the Seoul Station. Before the KTX train leaves Seoul Station, a zombie jumps onto the train. The girl is infected with a virus that becomes contagious. Seok-Woo, Soo-An and other passengers on the KTX train must fight for their lives.

I See You

I See You_with title_4x3

Pairin works as a hospital nurse and has the ability to communicate with the dead. She struggles to keep this a secret so that she can appear to be normal. Only a nurse named New understands her unique abilities and challenges. Pairin not only must perform her daily tasks in the hospital but also stop the playful spirit Chaba.

Bring It On, Ghost


Bring It On Ghost_with title_4x3

Bring It On, Ghost is a Korean drama starring Kim So Hyun as Hyun Ji. Hyun Ji dies in an accident and becomes a ghost when she then meets exorcist Park Bong-Pal (Taec Yeon). The story begins when they work together to fight other ghosts.

Vampire Detective

Vampire_Detective _with title_4x3

Vampire Detective is a South Korean drama starring Lee Joon, Oh Jung Se, Lee Se-Young and Lee Chung-ah. Lee Joon plays Yoon San, who works as a private detective with his friend Yong Goo-Hyung (Oh Jung Se). One day, Yoon San turns into a vampire, yet remains a private detective solving cases for his clients and in the process uncovers secrets from his own past.


Ghost_with title_4x3

Ghost is a collection of ghost stories where each story tells the tale of different types of ghosts. This show will provide a peek into the terrifying world of ghosts including Pocong, Kuntilanak, Jailangkung, Jeruk Purut Ghost and others.

An edge-of-the-seat urban thriller, Gehraiyaan is a perfect blend of mystery, thrill, spook and fear. Sanjeeda Sheikh’s character Reyna exudes terror while her boyfriend is at her side to help her face the forces of the dark. The twist in the tale is the emergence of her mysterious neighbour Sahil played by Vatsal Sheth who comes to her rescue. Is there more to this story than meets the eye? This is a spine-chilling tale and a show not for the faint of heart.

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