Do you have a lot of shirts, pants, or sweater, but have no idea what to wear it with? Or sometimes you just can’t figure out which colours go well together and which ones don’t?

These are the situation that makes us secretly wish that we have our own stylist. For those who want to look stylish and yet have no fashion sense at the same time, now there is an app that can help you.

The “Siri for your wardrobe” app is called SuitApp and was created by two friends from Russia who keen on fresh and creative ideas, fashion and technologies. Founders Evgeniya and Kate created the new app to help people to find, try on and purchase trendy and stylish clothes.

The app’s official launch statement states “No need to pay stylists or spend time searching for the looks in the Internet – just download the SuitApp in iTunes.

What SuitApp can do:

  • Send you personalized styling recommendations;
  • Offer different looks according to your specific preferences and body shape;
  • Send looks from various stylists;
  • Help to buy clothes online.

SuitApp is not only for those who are looking for trendy looks, it’s a platform for everyone who is keen on fashion:

  • Stylists can meet here new customers;
  • Fashionistas can get acquainted with the leading stylists and boutique managers;
  • Online shops can find new loyal customers and agents;
  • Fashion blogers can increase their audience.

SuitApp started two years ago in Siberia, Russia and is currently only available for iOS devices (iPhones and iPads).