With 2017 officially underway, New Year’s resolutions are at the forefront of many people minds. This year, instead of committing to unrealistic resolutions and getting discouraged when they don’t work out, Canadian health and fitness expert Dai Manuel encouraged people to break UNhealthy New Year’s resolutions and create a more practical foundation for a healthy life in 2017.

Dai Manuel, also known as “Coach Moose” is a digital thought leader and lifestyle mentor empowering people to lead a ‘FUN’ctionally fit life through education, encouragement and community. (CNW Group/Merkato Inc.)
Dai Manuel (CNW Group/Merkato Inc.)

“By adopting heathy eating habits, you can set a foundation for living your most phenomenal life. I recommend a diet made up of primarily whole and minimally processed foods. This straightforward approach takes the focus off calorie counting, elimination diets and other ‘magic bullets’ to health and encourages us to enjoy nutrients the way Mother Nature intended,” says Dai Manuel.

Dai’s 5 UNhealthy trends and resolutions to break in 2017:

1. Unrealistic New Year’s Resolutions
It’s time to let go of the impossible targets and start setting realistic, long-term, SMART goals. These goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. Instead of short-term weight loss goals, consider making a promise to yourself that you will begin to build the foundation for a healthy life by finding the majority of your nourishment from whole and minimally processed foods. The long-term benefit of creating a life based on a foundation of health first is key to achieving so many successes in other areas of your life maintaining overall happiness.

2. Calorie Counting
Calorie counting can make people crazy especially after a busy holiday full of indulgences. Instead of making food a prescription, get back to enjoying whole foods that are nutritionally dense. While a common trend today is to fortify foods with added protein, it is important to remember that meat is one of nature’s “original” sources of protein. From a nutritional perspective, beef is a protein powerhouse and, as a single-ingredient whole food, it delivers a protein and nutrient punch. And while many might know beef is king for protein, what they might not realize is that it’s also rich in vitamins and minerals too such as iron, zinc, selenium, and vitamin B12.

3. Convenience Eating or Overindulging When Eating Out
Cooking at home doesn’t have to be hard work, there’s tons of delicious options for easy ways to make whole foods part of your convenience needs. Options like Korean Beef Lettuce Cups made with ground beef and Grab-and-Go Tortillas made with beef oven roast are not only good for you, they’re good for your wallet too and incorporate lots of fresh vegetables. If you do eat out, try choosing foods that are nutrient-rich and minimally processed.

Korean Beef Lettuce Cups are a balanced way to eat your meat, using lots of veggies combined with good-for-y­ou ground beef. (CNW Group/Merkato Inc.)
Korean Beef Lettuce Cups are a balanced way to eat your meat, using lots of veggies combined with good-for-y­ou ground beef. (CNW Group/Merkato Inc.)

4. UNmindful Eating
Bring focus to your food in 2017. Distracted eating can lead us to overeat, so being mindful and taking part in focused eating helps us manage portion sizes while letting our senses and satiety cues guide our decisions. Try committing to eating your meals uninterrupted. That means no screen time or desk-side lunches.

5. Eliminating or Restricting Foods from Your Diet
In 2017 find a dietary balance that works for you and challenge the perception of what the word diet means. It’s meant to describe the way we sustain ourselves – it’s not just about weight management or loss. Eat real food. When making meals, aim to fill half your plate with vegetables or fruit, then fill one quarter with lean protein like beef and the other with whole grains for a balanced, healthy meal.

Source: PRNewswire.com

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