For those who have skin problems, we totally feel you. With the hot and humid weather in Malaysia, clog pores has always been an issue for us. However, do you know that if you are making mistake during cleaning your face, you can actually cause clogged pores problems; especially for those with combination skin. Here are 3 biggest mistakes you ever make to clog your pores!

  1. Use a wrong cleanser

All of those icky clogged pores were caused by the mistake that you had made before. As cleansing is the most important routine, many people with combination skin just don’t think that a cleanser is what their money should be spent. Do you know that cleanser can make or break your routine? Without a clean and unhealthy state of skin prep, all of the skincare routines are useless too!

2. Not cleansing after the gym


Ladies who go to the gym very frequent, ask yourself if you clean your skin after the gym? Failing to wash your skin after exercising is one of the biggest mistakes to make skin issues. From now on, bring a cleanser to cleanse your face after each workout session, it will make a difference.

3. Cleansing one time only

pamper.my_beauty sleep

We know that you just clean your face before off to bed, but when your skin enters repair mode as you sleep, it will secrete sebum and toxins. The result? It will prevent your skincare products from performing their best. Always remember that clean face in the morning will reset the skin.

Now that you know a cleanser is crucial on your skincare routine, all you have to do is to test out if the current cleanser is suitable for your skin. If it’s not, invest a cleanser that suits you well! On top of that, always cleanse your face morning and night before you sleep!

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