KITKAT Just Got A More Creamy, More Chocolatey Makeover!

KITKAT Just Got A More Creamy, More Chocolatey Makeover!

Milk and cocoa are the foundation of the KITKAT recipe ever since it was released in 1936. Now, KITKAT gets a new makeover in their recipe by adding more milk and cocoa for a more creamy and more chocolatey taste, while reducing the sugar content!

KITKAT Just Got A More Creamy, More Chocolatey Makeover!-Pamper.myThrough their strength in research and innovation, KITKAT tweaked an already great recipe to deliver a more creamy and more chocolatey chocolate whilst still delivering that perfect balance of chocolate and wafer.

The new KITKAT recipe is a first step in the journey towards making KITKAT more permissible and at the same time indulgent.

KITKAT Just Got A More Creamy, More Chocolatey Makeover!-Pamper.mySachin Goel, Business Executive Officer for Confectionery Business Unit (ASEAN Markets), Nestlé Malaysia said, “As the #1 chocolate brand in Malaysia, our role is to continuously and consistently bring more quality confectionery treats. KITKAT is a dynamic brand that constantly evolves to delight its consumers with the best break experience. We have invested a lot of time in research and development to put in the finest ingredients, craft great recipes and give consumers the best of taste. Changing recipes is very complex and can take a lot of time to get it just right. This new KITKAT that is more creamy, more chocolatey, has no additional additives and flavours; we just added more milk and cocoa while reducing some sugar, for that permissible KITKAT indulgence.”

KITKAT Just Got A More Creamy, More Chocolatey Makeover!“That is why we are very proud of our deliciously new ‘more creamy, more chocolatey’ recipe, taking an already awesome KITKAT to another exciting level. It has definitely enhanced its signature balanced wafer and chocolate taste. We will continuously improve as it is our commitment to offer our consumers the best there is. Have a break, have a KITKAT,” he added.

KITKAT Just Got A More Creamy, More Chocolatey Makeover!-Pamper.myThis enhanced recipe will replace the current KITKAT milk chocolate range, which includes KitKat 2 finger, 4 finger, as well as KitKat CHUNKY, and will be identified by the newly designed ͚More Creamy, More Chocolatey͛packs that will be on the shelves from March 2018 onwards

Here’s how to have a break…KIT KAT style:

  1. Push the wafer out of the red wrapper.
  2. Score your nail along the foil-wrapped wafer fingers.
  3. Break off a wafer finger at a time.
  4. Snap a wafer finger in half and enjoy!

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