Pedro Presents Imperfect Girl Meets Whatever Boy

If you could choose, what would you wear on the day that you meet the love of your life?

In a cute girl-meets-boy love story where both individuals don’t fit in but a found a home in each other, Pedro introduced the latest pieces to be spotted in especially for a special day when you’re about to meet that certain somebody.

Discover how everything unfolds when the “Imperfect Girl Meets Whatever Boy”.



Imperfect Girl and Whatever Boy’s chance encounter is where you’d least expect – a place to have fun – at the fairground.
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Here’s a secret that very few know: Whatever Boy actually works as an ice cream man! It seems that he has his eyes on Imperfect Girl and gifts her pair of shoes.


Imperfect Girl and Whatever Boy go on a circus date. Things must be going well as we see hints of emotion from them!

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Well…what do you know. Looks like Imperfect Girl and Whatever Boy finally found what they’ve been looking for. A home. In each other.


Source: Pedro

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