With the sunny weather all year long in Malaysia, Malaysian always craves for cold icy treats that can make us feel refreshing. If you are wondering where you should get a delicious cold icy treat, this is where you should go! Read more.

1. Softsrve

If you haven’t heard of the soft serve mania in Klang Valley, now you need to visit them! Soft Serve is the ice cream that is known for its light flavour and rich texture. What is even interesting with Softsrve is that they will come out with a new flavour for you to keep you excited!

2. Kakigori

Try a bowl of Japan’s Kakigori here! There are traditional tea-based Hojicha Kakigori, Uji Matcha Kakigori and Watermelon Kakigori and many other flavours for you to choose from. The ice is smooth, light and melts slowly in our mouth! How tasty and refreshing!

3. Tsujiri


Tsujiri serves Japanese-inflated parfaits, shaved ice or even roasted tea soft serve that all equally good! Our favourite will definitely be matcha parfait that serves with a different type of toppings.

4. Inside Scoop

Although Inside Scoop has been serving ice cream for few years, we still visit them every now and then for their Durian ice cream or even their Cemdepak ice cream. Both of the flavours are our favourite. Eat it with a waffle or a cone!

5. Baba Low

How can we forget about cendol? We would like to eat a bowl of mouthwatering of shaved ice drizzled with coconut milk and Gula Melaka. As what we saw from the review, most of the people love their cendol as it has just the right amount of Gula Melaka! There is also some good local Peranakan cuisine for you too!

Featured Image: www.timeout.com

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