Apart from the famous Korean desserts and Japanese desserts, what desserts you will choose? Our pick will be Taiwanese desserts and snacks. From appetizing shave ice with Taro Balls to Taiwanese Fried Chicken, which one is your favorite? Here are 5 places for Taiwanese desserts and snacks that you need to visit:

  1. Blackball Original Taiwanese Tea & Dessert

We just can’t wait to try this bowl of sinful goodness! The green tea shave ice with taro balls and other condiments looks really good. On top of that, try their Uji Matcha Jelly as well, it is highly recommended by the people.

2.Shih Lin Taiwan Street Snacks

It is no stranger that Shih Lin Taiwan Street Snacks to everyone of us. The crispy Taiwanese fried chicken is so good that we can’t resist ourself to eat it. Needless to say, the Handmade Oyster Mee Sua is another must order street snacks.

3. Grandmom Dessert

We had their Taiwanese desserts since years ago at Setapak, and it has been moved to Serdang few years back. The must order? Definitely Grass Jelly Ice Yu Yuan(Taro Balls) on a hot sunny day. We especially their their Sweet Potato Balls as it has the natural sweetness from the sweet potato.


4. Snowflake Taiwanese Desserts Secrets

Who does not know Snowflake? It has been our favourite-to-go place when we crave for Taiwanese desserts in shopping mall. Thus, the next time you are at Pavilion Shopping Mall or Mid Valley Megamall, just order your favourite Taiwanese and enjoy it.

5. Fong Lye Taiwan Cuisine Fusion Restaurant

Apart from main Taiwanese cuisine, they are having the famous Sweet Potato Balls as well. It is good to share among your family and friends, do order it next time when you go Fong Lye Taiwan Cuisine Fusion Restaurant.


Featured Image: www.danielfooddiary.com

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