There are many variations of waffle around the world based on the type of the waffle iron and recipe used. What is your favourite waffle among American, Belgian, Brussels, and Liege? No matter what type of waffle it is, we always like the waffle that are prepared with eggs that make the waffle taste so good! Here are 5 places for waffle lovers to savor the crispy and fluffly waffle on this weekend!

  1. The Owls Cafe

If you notice, The Owls Cafe has been around for quite some time! This means that their waffle and foods are really good. Try their Rebecca waffle while you are there, a scoop of Earl Grey ice cream with a crispy waffle is the best combination ever!

2. VCR

It is not every time you need to eat a sweet version of waffle; this savory waffle will definitely leave you a different thought! The potato waffle with fried chicken and a drizzle of chrysanthemum-infused maple syrup are the ‘comfort food’ that we are looking for right now.

3. Shugatori

Located in the heart of Damansara Uptown, Shugatori is Malaysia’s first Dual Waffle Specialist. Try their dual waffle, it doesn’t only look good, it tastes good as well.

4. Fluffed Cafe

If you looking for a cafe where it serves handcrafted ice cream with crispy waffle, look no further to Fluffed Cafe. All of the waffle with a dollop of ice cream looks so tempting that we don’t know which one to choose!

5. Madame Waffle

Madame Waffle is Malaysia’s first authentic Japanese made Belgium liege waffles. We especially like the fluffy yet so decadent waffle that comes in different combination. Their new invention is the Milo Classic Waffle that brings the dinosaur out of the Milo.

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