Tom Yam prevails over Rendang this year, as Bangkok emerges as the most popular Hari Raya destination this year according to the latest data from™.

Bangkok’s popularity puts the Thai capital above popular domestic getaway destinations such as Langkawi, Penang and Melaka. Bangkok, the number one destination for Malaysian travellers according to™’s latest Hotels Price Index (HPI), has long been a popular getaway destination for Malaysian families for its affordable shopping, wide variety of halal cuisines and great entertainment options.


Most popular Hari Raya destinations for Malaysian travellers in 2018, domestic and overseas:

Rank 2018 2017
1 Bangkok Bangkok
2 Penang Langkawi
3 Kuala Lumpur Penang
4 Langkawi Melaka
5 Melaka Port Dickson
6 Singapore Kuala Lumpur
7 Ipoh Singapore
8 Port Dickson Hat Yai
9 New York Ipoh
10 Tanah Rata London

New York enters top ten, Tokyo rises

New York
New York

The top ten list of most popular destinations by™ also includes New York City for the first time, signifying Malaysian travellers’ growing appetite to explore the city, known for its pop culture references and exclusive shopping attractions fit for celebrities.

Tokyo (Image:
Tokyo (Image:

Apart from New York, Tokyo has also surged in popularity, beating popular regional destinations such as Bali and Phuket. Tokyo’s popularity is consistent with the rising appeal of Japan as a holiday destination for Malaysian travellers due to the attractive Japanese Yen exchange rate.’s latest Hotels Price Index (HPI) indicated a 6% drop in average accommodation prices paid by Malaysian travellers in Tokyo last year.

Most popular overseas Hari Raya destinations for Malaysian travellers in 2018:

Rank 2018 2017
1 Bangkok Bangkok
2 Singapore Singapore
3 New York Bali
4 Tokyo Phuket
5 Bali Hat Yai
6 London London
7 Phuket Krabi
8 Hong Kong Hong Kong
9 Melbourne Tokyo
10 Hat Yai Ho Chi Minh City

Riang Raya in Penang

Penang Island night view
Penang Island night view

Penang emerged as the most popular domestic Raya destination for Malaysian travellers this year. Long reputed as a foodie’s paradise, Penang also has the highest concentration of’s ‘Most Wanted’ properties in Malaysia this year, with four boutique and heritage hotels awarded with the distinction.

Langkawi, Malaysia
Langkawi, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi complete the top three, with the latter continuing to attract Malaysians who seek some family fun in the sun. Other popular beach getaway destinations, Port Dickson and Kota Kinabalu are at number six and nine, respectively.

Most popular domestic Hari Raya destinations for Malaysian travellers in 2018:

Rank 2018 2017
1 Penang Langkawi
2 Kuala Lumpur Penang
3 Langkawi Melaka
4 Melaka Port Dickson
5 Ipoh Kuala Lumpur
6 Port Dickson Ipoh
7 Tanah Rata Johor Bahru
8 Brinchang Brinchang
9 Kota Kinabalu Tanah Rata
10 Johor Bahru Kota Kinabalu

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