RIMOWA Revives Iconic Design with Limited-Edition Hammerschlag Collection

Travel in style with a touch of history. Luxury luggage brand RIMOWA unveils the Hammerschlag collection, a tribute to its rich heritage. Inspired by a coveted archival design, the collection features a distinctive textured aluminum finish reminiscent of a hammered surface.

The RIMOWA Cabin Hammerschlag and RIMOWA Hand-Carry Case Hammerschlag capture the essence of the past with a modern twist. The Cognac-hued handle, a reimagining of a 1966 design detail, adds a touch of timeless elegance. Inside, a unique premium nylon interior boasts a curved leather zip compartment and further nods to RIMOWA’s legacy.

To mark the launch, RIMOWA partnered with renowned German musician Nils Frahm. Frahm’s music, with its focus on intricate details, resonates with the craftsmanship embodied in the Hammerschlag design. This unique collaboration highlights the shared dedication to precision and innovation that defines both music and luggage creation.

This exclusive collection is limited to a numbered release, with only 1898 Cabin and 966 Hand-Carry Cases available. Each piece features a special curved Luggage Tag echoing the interior design elements and a new 1898 stamp commemorating RIMOWA’s founding year.

Starting March 28th, 2024, own a piece of RIMOWA history. The RIMOWA Cabin Hammerschlag (MYR13,150) and the RIMOWA Hand-Carry Case Hammerschlag (MYR10,900) are available at select RIMOWA stores worldwide and online at RIMOWA.com. Don’t miss this opportunity to add a touch of timeless elegance and heritage to your travels.

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