Malaysians hold the world’s 5th most powerful passport, according to the Passport Index annual report’s global ranking, a website that provides information about how powerful a country’s passport is, and also how it ranks against other passports in the world.

Germany held the world No.1 ranking as the most powerful, whose citizens are able to travel visa-free to a total of 157 countries or destinations as of 2017. The country tops the list with a score of 157.

Singapore, with its citizens able to access 156 countries, was ranked number two, together with Sweden. Both had a score of 156.

This year, Singapore took out South Korea to be the highest-ranked Asian passport, while Japan rose to 4th place with a visa-free score of 154.

The list below show the 34 most powerful passports in the world according to Passport Index, created by Arton Capital, a global financial advisory firm based in Canada.

1. Germany
2. Singapore, Sweden
3. Denmark, Finland, France, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, UK, USA
4. Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg, Portugal, Japan
5. Malaysia, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand
6. Greece, South Korea, Australia
7. Czech Republic, Iceland
8. Hungary
9. Malta, Poland
10. Slovenia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia

passport-malaysia-pamperBy this measure, we as Malaysians are quite lucky to be ranked 5th — which is quite superior — because that means our passports allow us to visit 151 countries visa-free.

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