Some of the best love stories start off as friends. However there are also ones where the romance burned the friendship.

Moving from friends to lovers is not an easy decision to make. But if you’re feeling it and you’ve been thinking to to take things to the next level, here are five things that you should consider before you begin dating your best friend.

1. You skip the ‘getting to know him phase’.


You won’t be stalking his social media to study him or ask his friends about his entire relationship history as you already know him quite well. After all, you guys were best friends. You probably even think that the only difference is that you now have a more intimate skin-ship.

2. Less excitement then boredom strikes. 

You know what he likes and how to make him happy. The reality that you two were best friends before you started dating shows you share same interests, that you have many similar things you are passionate about, those things can strengthen your relationship. But you’d be skipping the exciting part of discovery may strikes boredom quickly. Needless to say, the excitement dies out.

3. You might not feel comfortable.


It’s quite possible that you will have shared with your former best friend things that you would never have told a date. Do you think that you able to feel comfortable, having no secrets and possibly even contradicting things you may have told them previously?

4. Your fight could be more intense.

Who will you turn to now when you argue with your partner? Your best friend. He used to be the one who consoles you, but now you might need to work through the fight on your own. Who are you going to complain to about him?

Beautiful friendships are rare to come by, so think carefully before you risk it.

5. It’s a one way ticket, there’s no turning back.


Dating a best friend is a going to be a game changer. Bear in mind that once you cross that line, the innocent chemistry that you once shared together will be hard to back again. This new set of emotions will always be the main atmosphere between the two of you. This means if you split up with a boyfriend, not only could it bring the relationship to an end, but it could ruin the friendship for good.

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