Looking Stressed Out? This Works Stress Check Face Oil & Face Mask Might Help

This Works Stress Check has been created to counterbalance the effects of stress and the environment on the skin, mind and body from the moment you wake. Very few of us look our best first thing in the morning, even after a great night’s sleep. You may see an irritated and dull complexion, not the dewy, youthful look we dream of on the mirror which is the natural result of overnight water loss (on waking our skin is at its most dehydrated) and possibly impaired skin barrier function. Also, the stress hormone, Cortisol can increase by up to fifty percent in the thirty minutes after we wake.

This Works Stress Check is a multi-tasking collection, clinically proven to soothe skin and provide immediate relief from redness by restoring, hydrating and reinforcing the skin barrier, whilst their 100% natural blend of pure essential oils help to relieve mental and physical feelings of tension and stress. And it’s suitable for all skin types, even for sensitive skin. If you’re looking for a combo to fight signs of stress physically and mentally, the This Works Stress Check Face Oil and Face Mask is what you need!

This Works Stress Check Face Oil, RM185

This Works Stress Check Face Oil, RM185-Pamper.my

The Stress Check Face Oil future-proofs your complexion by helping preserve the skin barrier, improving skin elasticity and preventing the appearance of premature ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Both calming and hydrating, its formulation is a concentrated Superblend of Botanical Oils, including Omega 3, Moringa and Crambe Oil to moisturise and help harmonise out-of-sync skin, whilst natural actives such as Vitamin C & E work to even out skin tone and a blend of Echium, Sunflower Oils and Balloon Plant that works to protect and replenish the skin barrier.

The soothing aromatherapeutic fragrance blend of Neroli, Patchouli, Lavender, Vetivert and Camomile oil fragrance helps relieve mental and physical tension and stress too. Apply a few drops of the oil onto cleansed face before layering it with the Stress Check Face Mask for a more intensive treatment, you can use the oil during the day or night by itself or layered under other skincare.

This Works Stress Check Face Mask, RM148

This Works Stress Check Face Mask, RM148-Pamper.my

Clinically proven to provide immediate redness relief, Stress Check Face Mask is a must-have skin saviour and protector leaving your skin feeling moisturised, smooth, rejuvenated, radiant and ready to face whatever lies ahead.

Easily applied with a handy applicator, its unique Superblend of naturally sourced actives includes; Peppermint Extract to rapidly calm skin, antioxidant rich Tumeric Oil and extracts of Giant Hyssop and Rose Root to help shield skin from internal and external stressors.

Whilst This Works bespoke Bio-Boost blend of repairing plant oils work store build and defend the semi-permeable skin barrier, helping to keep the environment out and your skin to regulate its moisture levels efficiently. It also has the unique aromatherapeutic blend of Neroli, Patchouli, Lavender, Vetivert and Camomile to relieve mental and physical tension and stress. Just put it on a generous layer for 10 minutes and wash it off or leave it on overnight as a sleeping mask.

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