Practising self love is something easier said than done. Although it’s not a rocket science, self-love is something not easy to achieve. Many of us weren’t properly taught, and maybe even discouraged to love ourselves because some folks often misunderstood it as self-centered.

Real and genuine self love is about getting in touch with ourselves, actively taking care of our own well-being, doing things that help us grow physically, mentally, and spiritually.

As someone who struggled with self-esteem issue, I’ve come to terms that self-love is key to happiness. This article isn’t about me thinking that I’m perfect, it’s about accepting that it’s alright to have flaws and no matter how good you think you’re, some people isn’t gonna like you.


Here’s how I learned to love myself on a daily basis:

1. Stop comparing yourself

This is probably one of the most used clichés that will actually help you in practising self-love.

Living in a society obsessed with social media, you’d be shocked how often we do this unintentionally. Back then I scrolled on Instagram to find photos of people on foreign countries, or using the latest gadgets, and I was asking myself ‘when could I be there’ or ‘why I don’t earn enough to own that’.

Then this quote hits me.


You are you, they are them. When we focus on other people, we lose time that we could otherwise invest in ourselves. Instead of comparing your path to someone else’s, spend it investing, creating, and caring for your own. Focus on the person YOU want to become.

2. Step outside of your comfort zone and try something new

Many of us will go through that phase of finding ourselves. I never thought that I would become a writer/journalist. I have tried out with many interests all throughout my life and have finally found the things that I’m most enjoy doing.


Even if you fail at it, or don’t like it, it doesn’t matter. Without experimenting those other things I would never have been able to ‘find myself’. Nothing can be archived when you’re always cowering away from life and new challenges.

3. Work on your well-being

Do it primarily and only for you, not for the photos or social media posts.

Workout, eat healthy food, build your physical strength. Loving yourself is strongly linked to having a healthy body. The point here is to stay active.


4. Be realistic

In the past I always felt angry for not having myself figured out yet, but there’s isn’t a time limit on finding out who you want to be. Everyone has their time, focus on your lane. You don’t have to have everything figured out just because you’re an adult.

It’s okay to be imperfect because we are all humans. Making mistakes is part of learning to do things better. We can either fail, or we can lose, and then we continue forward. That way, you’ll be helping your heart unload all the unnecessary weight that’s keeping you from being a better version of yourself.

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