Tut’s Egyptian Eatery opened a month ago at 1 Utama Shopping Centre, a casual dining restaurant that specialises in traditional Egyptian food.

Set in a dimly lit setting, the interior is comfy, with multi-coloured furnishing and Egyptian motifs here and there, which gives a relaxing Middle Eastern vibe.

Keep reading this article for all the details about getting a real taste of Egyptian style cooking.

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Our favourite is none other than the Koshari Mixed Grain Bowl (RM14.30), a savoury mix of pasta, rice and lentils in spicy tomato sauce, which can be found all over Egypt, from street stalls to restaurants. This staple Egypt comfort food tasted even more amazing than it looks.

Koshari Mixed Grain Bowl
Koshari Mixed Grain Bowl

As a Egyptian food first-timer, we were recommended to begin with the Molokhia Minced Leaf Stew (RM9.90). The dish looked like a bowl of fresh blended mint at the first glance but the leaf stew is actually made out of Molokhia leaves, a type of edible green found in the Middle East. The co-founder Zein told us that the leaves imported directly from Egypt itself as the plants do not grow in Southeast Asia.

Molokhia Minced Leaf Stew
Molokhia Minced Leaf Stew

The Hawaoshi Baked Meat Foldover (RM17.90 for beef, RM18.90 for lamb) is a great choice for those who love sandwich. The meat was perfectly seasoned, and the crustiness of the wrap, plus the sweetness of the Tahini dipping source, was stunning.

Hawaoshi Baked Meat Foldover.
Hawaoshi Baked Meat Foldover.

For those who enjoy a good old plate of carbohydrate and protein, the Hot Plate Chicken with Baked Rice (RM25.90) is a good choice. It came with baked rice combines the winning flavours of grilled chicken, vegetables and baked rice. The chicken was extremely good quality, tender and aromatic, and I could taste the herbs that the chicken had been marinated in. Rice was a tad bit mushy, vegetables were slightly burnt but crisps.

Hot Plate Chicken with Baked Rice.
Hot Plate Chicken with Baked Rice.

The first dessert that arrived to our table was the Roz B Laban Creamy Delight (RM6.85). It looked like a normal pudding in appearance but it was made with baked rice on the bottom, topped with sweet milk and vanilla with berries to go with it. It was indeed very yummy, smooth and silky.

The Om Ali Bread Pudding (RM9.80) is a classic in Egyptian cuisine – whose history stretches back to the 12th century – which is given a Malaysian twist with Sangkaya coconut ice cream and gula Melaka.

Tut’s cold drinks are equally refreshing. The Egyptian Lemon Mint (RM8.00) — a popular beverage in Egypt — has just the perfect zesty freshness and is a healthy drink anytime of the day. The Sobya Milk (RM7.50) has wonderful hint of coconut that isn’t overwhelmingly sweet.

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The food is affordable for a Egyptian restaurant in a shopping mall. Plus there are numbers of combo options available, so you can try more things on the menu.

Although everything was delicious from our menu, we though it might not appeal to people who prefer heavier and more flavourful food as Egyptian cooking is less chilli-heavy than Malaysian cuisine. Nonetheless, it was a splendid experience dining at Tut’s.

Address: LG333A, New Wing, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, 1 Lebuh Bandar Utama, 47800, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: +603 7688 4597
Daily: 10AM–10PM

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