Following the introduction of Embellier’s anti-ageing eye cream in March this year, Menard is again unveiling two new anti-ageing makeup products – Powder Emulsion Makeup Base and Aging Care Lipstick to its anti-ageing line, Embellir, combining skincare and makeup artistry to provide double protection to our skin.

Pamper.My_Menard Embellir

As we all know, the Embellir line is developed and formulated by Menard Research & Development Laboratories using the active ingredients of Red and Black Reishi mushrooms, which have been proven to be able to purify and prevent skin ageing as well as repair genes and also stimulate cell division. The new Embellir Makeup Base and Lipsticks are also developed under the same Embellir technology by combining both skincare and makeup benefits.

Pamper.My_Menard Embellir Makeup Base (RM400)
Menard Embellir Makeup Base (RM400)

The Embellir Powder Emulsion Makeup Base is the first in the beauty industry, which contains oily moisturising ingredients that make a “Powder Emulsion” inside the water-based moisturising ingredients. The Makeup Base is used after toner/lotion to make the skin light and smooth. The water-based moisturising ingredients will blend into the skin while the skin surface is enveloped in an oily moisture layer and some of the water-based moisturising ingredients remaining in the oily layer are contained inside the emulsion powder when it’s applied.

Menard Embellir Lipstick (RM320)
Menard Embellir Lipstick (RM320)

The Embellir lipstick is an anging care lipstick that contains “wrinkleless powder” brought by the black reishi and red reishi extracts to reduce the appearance of vertical wrinkles on the lips. The lipstick also contains 3D oil that can make the surface of lips look plumper after it’s applied, and the Vital Color Powder of the lipstick – a combination of a pink-colorer powder that enhances the red color of the lips and a shiny blue powder that erases yellow colouring, is able to reduce the dullness of the lips. The lipstick is available in 2 shades.

Both the Embellir Powder Emulsion Makeup Base (RP: RM400) and Lipstick (RP: RM320) come with SPF12 PA+ for UV Rays protection. The items are now available at Menard’s salons nationwide, visit for more information.

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