Bio-Oil Wants You To Be Confident In Your Own Skin, #makeyourmark

Bio-Oil Wants You To Be Confident In Your Own Skin,
“Making the leap from the corporate world to becoming an entrepreneur, designing my own sportswear and building my brand from the ground up has been life changing and provided me with many lessons. The most important lesson that I have learnt is that each and every one of us must have the courage to pursue our dreams fearlessly. This can be a scary thought because sometimes, our dreams are so big and overwhelming. My advice is to take your dream and break it down into small, do-able tasks and work on those tasks. Bit by bit, you are taking steps to get to where you want to be. The second lesson I learnt is that failure is the best thing ever. When I decided that I wanted to create the world’s most beautiful sportswear, I had no experience and no idea what I was doing. I failed many times. I soon realized that failure is great, because after each failure, I learn and I get better. Every failure has been a step forward and nothing else. Bio Oil is an amazing specialist skincare oil that supports women by giving the best care to our skin. It is similar to baby oil, but smells heavenly, is light, non-greasy and absorbs easily. I recommend it!” - Nadia Hasbi (Founder of Fit Rebel)

Bio-Oil Malaysia wants to uplift and empower women to feel better about their skin and remind them of their worth with its latest campaign; #makeyourmark.

Recognising that women often feel insecure and unhappy about how they look due to the
unrealistic media portrayal and societal pressures, #makeyourmark is the first part of Bio-Oil’s year-long endeavour to empower women in a campaign called #iamremarkable.

With that, they are paying homage to six strong, remarkable women of Malaysia who have made a difference in their respective niches while promoting positive body image, self-love and empowerment to all Malaysian women out there, are:-

  • Elaine Daly (Actor, TV host, National Director of Miss Universe Malaysia Organization, Channel Director of
  • Nadia Hasbi (Founder of Fit Rebel)
  • Madam Molly Khoo (Founder of Heritage Village Restaurant)
  • Jesrina Arshad (Co-Founder CEO of PurelyB)
  • Stephanie Looi (Co-Founder CEO of PurelyB)
  • Aamal Farhain (Managing Director of Foby Houz)

Bio-Oil® is currently available at all leading pharmacies and personal care stores nationwide in pack sizes of 60ml (RM34.95), 125ml (RM58.25) and 200ml (RM79.45).

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