Oppa Park Seo-Jun Greeted by Thousands of Malaysian Fans During His Appearance for #JomMinumMILO Event

Korean Oppa, Park Seo-Jun made a special appearance as a Friend of MILO (Sahabat MILO ) to celebrate his collaboration with MILO at Sunway Pyramid last Saturday. This South Korean star has greeted by thousands of Malaysian fans who gathered to meet their favourite star in person.

As a Friend of MILO, Park Seo-Jun joins numerous notable Malaysian icons who have collaborated with MILO to re-energise the range of MILO stick pack variants. Ever since his first encounter with MILO, Park Seo-Jun has developed a special bond with Malaysia’s favourite drink, discovering that the many MILO stick pack variants are a fitting choice to keep him active.

Park Seo-Jun enthused, “I heard that MILO is a brand that is loved by all Malaysians. And seeing everyone gathered here today, I can truly feel how much MILO is being loved in Malaysia.”

The energetic performance by Friend of MILO with their rendition of the new MILO song “Kitalah Juara” warmed up the crowd and served as a rousing welcome to Park Seo-Jun. Fans were thrilled when Park Seo-Jun demonstrated his favourite way of enjoying MILO and erupted in cheers when he invited them to join him for a cup of his favourite MILO with the now iconic campaign tagline, “Jom Minum MILO”.

For further information on MILO x Park Seo-Jun Energetic Collaboration, visit milo.com.my/energetic-collaboration.

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